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at least not the poisonous ones… but now that they are, by and large, gone, I’m sorry I didn’t appreciate them more.  There are way fewer ants too, and moths, and bees, ground squirrels, and songbirds – all of which I used to see in abundance. No quail run across the road anymore, there are about a third as many deer, and I only saw a couple of wild turkeys in November. I found two dead songbirds who were fat and there was no reason apparent for their death. I have never seen that before.

Does this sound like the beginning of a science fiction novel? Would that it were. No, this is what is happening where I live in California – has been happening for over a year and a half now…. It is not just the drought; it was before that. But now we have the drought too, and that is making it worse.

If you’ve been paying attention,
And if you have not been brainwashed,
And you have not descended into denial,
Then you are probably aware that we and our planet are severely threatened.

WARNING!    This blog is purely and simply about the melt down of our world. The comments I have gotten back from readers so far are: “sobering,” “terrible vision of what we are doing to Mother Earth” and “Thanks for the info and the ideas on what to do.”  One reader told me that it takes guts to write something like this. I’m not sure if it is guts or madness…but it is the truth. If you don’t get that things are dire and /or don’t want to know about it, or if you just don’t want to deal with that… no harm, no foul. And if that is the case for you, you may want to stop reading now. If you go ahead and read this blog entry,  I hope you will find something worthwhile. I have been on a quest for some time to find some way to help the earth. In this blog I share with you something I discovered that I feel won’t hurt and might help.


The Assault

The ongoing assault on us and the planet  includes, but is not limited to some very heavy hitters:

Corexit and Synthia in the Gulf of Mexico
Bee killing insecticides (which are being APPROVED by the EPA?????!@!!!!)
Daily Hiroshima level discharges from Fukushima (watch this video to see what Dr. Helen Caldicott says about Fukushima):


Coal particles melting arctic ice
Frankenstein genes from Monsanto – in most food (unless it says organic) and now let loose in our environment
Fracking (which contaminates the entire watertable for all life forms, not just the water coming out of the sink)


Unraveling of the Web of Life

I am a biologist and therefore have a keen eye for what is happening in Nature.  However, I see many biologists who are  in denial or who are taking the approach of:  ‘Hmmm isn’t that strange (that all the sardines are gone and the starfish are melting into fluff…) let’s do a two year study of this.’ But I did find this  biologist from British Columbia talking openly about the unraveling of the web of life  in his bioregion. His thought is that we won’t have any future generations of humans. From what I am seeing we won’t have to be waiting that long for the lethal effect on humans.


If you really need proof that everything is melting down you may not  doing enough research.  If you want to research, you will have to go to the internet; you will not find information in the main stream news anymore as it is controlled by the billionaires. Here are some links to start you off.

Diseased Seals in the Pacific


              relation to Fukushima






Here is another post about Fukushima with lots of links you can explore.


Is This Just Ineptitude?

Could this really be just unintentional ineptitude? It is way more comfortable to believe that, but I don’t think the facts bear out that assumption. If you want to investigate that aspect here are some resources for information on the intentionality of all this. Keep in mind: EPA is dead on approving of all this stuff that is killing the earth; no one did anything to stop the oil spill in the Gulf, instead they poured millions of gallons of deadly corexit on it with EPA approval, and no one has done ANYTHING to stop the melt down of three reactors at Fukushima…NOTHING DONE. Tepco is throwing homeless people and duct tape at it now.

This site has articles from good sources on all aspects of what is going on with Fukushima , nukes all over,  and the Gulf of Mexico.


This book gives you the history and truth about the Gulf of Mexico



Leaving aside the issue of whether this assault is being done on purpose,what the motive would be, or how whoever is responsible might be planning to escape the fallout, here is what we have to deal with:

There are no normal ways to fix what is happening on the earth at this time.

I say that with some authority: I have a biology masters. I spent 13 years working with EPA, DOE, Dept of Health, US Fish and Wildlife, CA Fish and Wildlife. I have studied the major forms of bioremediation including hazardous waste remediation techniques, wastewater treatment systems, and biological waste remediation with bacteria and mushrooms. Yes all these techniques can be employed and can do some good, but the scale and severity of the toxins are just too freaking HUGE. Really, there are no ways to remediate the scope and the scale of the toxins and failing biological systems that confront us. So where does that leave us and the majority of life on earth? Quite possibly DEAD very soon, maybe within 6 months.

What to Do?
I have given this A LOT of thought, and I have concluded that:

  • We can’t get control of the world governments – sure some are good, but most are not, and
  • We absolutely need to protest, but I don’t think we can protest our way out of this. We now live in an international police state. Our most effective protesters have been identified, targeted, and silenced.  Read what happened to (just some….of) the whistleblowers in the Gulf.
  • We need to do something completely different that is under the radar and something  that won’t hurt -  might help.

The Gulf of Mexico…RIP. Murdered and beyond repair.










Here is what I think could work:   Use Orgone Energy (aka Orgonite) to Heal the Earth

 Orgone energy (also commonly referred to as Orgonite)  was developed by Wilhelm Reich, an inventor and free thinker who was ultimately jailed and killed; an unfortunately familiar story. An orgone device is a manmade assemblage of hardened resin with embedded crystals and metal that generates positive energy. Read more here on what orgone energy is and what it can do  http://www.orgonite.info/

 Reich used orgone energy to heal people of cancer and to create rain with his cloud buster . Orgone devices have now been modified for use in neutralizing toxins (like from chemtrails and from radiation) and for modifying extreme weather.

Reich with his cloud buster











I believe orgone devices can neutralize much of the pollution, negativity and just plain evil in our world, if we get enough of it out there. Energy healing for the planet is a good thing to do too, but so far, it doesn’t seem to be doing the trick. There is a bit of controversy about orgone devices but what I have read leads me to feel they are positive. And the bottom line is, we have to do something….now.


Orgone Devices

Tower Busters – These were designed to address the negative energy emitted by cell towers. Burying a muffin sized tower buster (also known as “gifting”) in the vicinity of a cell tower neutralizes the negativity. You can purchase from one of the links below or make your own. I have used them to create nicer neighbors (I put some busters along the property line). I think tower busters could to transform anything that is negative like local city hall,  corporate offices, or areas of pollution. Here is some information on cell towers and orgone devices.

Tower Busters – Photo OrgoniseAfrica.com



Cloud Buster/Chem Buster – Cloud busters also known as chem busters, have a range of 25 to 100 miles, depending on design, and can cost a couple hundred. (Note: see Earth Pipes below for lower cost alternative). Cloud busters nowadays have been reconfigured from Reich’s original design and are used to break up chemtrails and neutralize the chemicals from them. Cloud busters are also used against radiation and other toxins, and there are many people using them to modify weather and tone down extreme weather events.  I have a cloud buster now and I am noticing that the chemtrails are dissipating over my house consistently. Apparently you can program cloud busters and earth pipes too, to help with growing plants, creating harmony, and all kinds of issues. Here is a good  article about this device. You can also read about what Orgonise Africa has done using orgone devices in South Africa.

Cloud Buster – OrgoniseAfrica.com











Earth Pipe – These are simpler versions of the Cloud Buster, with far reduced range of three miles in all directions and they only cost $10.


Get Some or Make Some

If you are going to buy or make orgone devices, I would suggest Tower Busters and Earth Pipes. Earth pipes have a range of 3 miles in all directions so they are not shabby. And you can buy a lot of earth pipes and tower busters for $100. Also both are pretty easy to make (see directions below)

These are two vendors I suggest. The first site is someone I  have ordered from. I can guarantee he is good and his prices are really reasonable. The second one has the cheapest tower busters but could have issues with how long it takes to ship.

Orgone Energy Balancing -  http://orgoneenergybalancing.org/

To buy Earth Pipes, contact Louis directly by email if you want to order earth pipes as they are not listed on his site at present:


These guys have the cheapest Tower Busters: Orgonise Africa -  http://www.orgoniseafrica.com/

 But their shipping may be slow.

Here are guides on how to make orgone devices yourself:  http://www.orgonite.info/how-to-make-orgonite-eps.html

This is another site on how to make your own earth pipes.


What You/We Can Do

Individually, you can get some or make orgone devices, like an Earth Pipe or Cloud Buster for your land and get  Tower Busters to “gift.”  You can also tell your friends about this.

Together, we can collaborate to do some of the following projects:

  • “gift” all locations that harbor corrupt politicians/organizations/businesses with  orgone energy devices
  • “gift” any areas where there is pollution or toxins, or areas that produce same
  • “gift”a wall of orgone devices to the west coast of US to address radiation  (to do this we need boats)
  • “gift” orgone devices to pacific ocean to address radiation and restore the fishery (ditto)
  • “gift”  Fukushima and all nuclear plants with tower busters and or earth pipes
  •  ”gift” orgone devices in the Gulf of Mexico (boats again)

If you know anyone who would like to help with any of these projects, please have them contact me. There is a particular need for fishermen or anyone with boats that can go at least 5 miles out in the ocean.

Please feel free to share this blog.


and asking enough questions, can be key to the results you get in animal communication.  Here are some tips to help you out in that regard.

  • Whenever you get a yes or no answer from an animal always pick from the journalists’ tool box:  Why?, How?, What? Where? When? and Who? to get more nuance. For example, if an animal says he doesn’t like another animal in the home, make sure to ask him why he doesn’t like the animal, what the animal does that he doesn’t like, what could be done to make it better, and etc.  Have as your goal to explore ALL the nuances. Those standard journalist questions will help you do that.
  • If you start to get a feeling about something as you are talking to an animal make sure to follow the sidetracks that come up for you and ask the animal about them. For example, if you are talking to an animal about some bad behavior and you start to get a feeling of sadness. Ask the animal why you are getting a feeling of sadness and see where it leads.
  • Come up with new questions to ask the animals that might net you great results. Here is one I just thought of:  What is the nicest thing your person does for you?  Keep coming up with new questions all the time and try them out. The right question can net amazing results.

If you want to share some questions you think are great, or some you some that you thought of while  reading this, send them in for all of us!

The quality of your answers is in direct proportion to the quality of your questions. The quality of our answers is dependent upon the quality of our questions.  The more accurate and more specific our questions are, the more profitable and more beneficial the answers we get will be.                                        Albert Einstein

New Ideas for Manifesting

Here is a new idea on how to manifest that I got from a client’s blog  (http://www.koropeski.blogspot.ca/)

The idea is to live from the question, which means you pose a question and leave it unanswered. This helps get your subconscious to work with you rather than blocking you. When you ask the question and don’t try to think of the solutions, other more innovative or expedient solutions can find their way to you. Make your questions as broad and limitless as you like. Here are some sample questions you could ask:

  • What would it take for all of my dreams to come true?
  • How could I be more healthy and energetic than I ever dreamed possible?
  • What would it take for me to …….

Just keep asking and sending out questions out as much as you like, but don’t try to answer the questions.  Living from the open-ended question will help you to open up (at the subconscious level) to receiving. Try it and see what happens.

And here is a link to a blog about how finding the right question is the way to go in terms of efficiency and problem solving.



Holiday Simon’s Cat


Developing Your Intuition

A colleague of mine just sent me a link to a talk by Sonia Choquette (no longer up) the author of many books on intuitive development, including: Trust Your Vibes. Here is a link to her website.


 In her talk Sonia recommended two practices I found interesting and wanted to pass on to you.

1. Keep a daily journal of any hits or hunches that occur to you. Find a time at least once a day to sit and write whatever hits and hunches you can think of for that day. Then track how those insights hold up over time. Were they accurate? Was it information you really needed? A hunch you should have followed? Sonia says this is how our intuition guides us and it can be life changing to start following these hits and hunches. But first you have to capture them.

2. When you find yourself in a quandry about a decision or course of action do this: First ask repeatedly, my head says this…, do this about three or four times until you think you have all the info your head wants to offer on the issue. Then take a deep breath, release and relax and ask your heart: My heart says this… Do that process about three or four times. Then compare the information from each exercise.

This is a Cool Interview: Vandana Shiva, Amy Goodman and Jane Goodall


The earth is not there to be engineered, she’s not bits of dead rock; she is the living Earth that we were reminded about…..we need to bring forth another leadership for another world, because we don’t want leadership in that rotten world of destruction. It’s not worth it anyway. It’s not going to last too long. We want the seventh generation, cultivation of leadership for the future.        Vandana Shiva


Book Recommendations

My student Claudia just published a book about her chickens, sure to be a winner!     www.claudiabruckert.com

This looks like  a neat book, not out yet…     http://www.lifewithdogs.tv/2013/12/real-life-fox-and-the-hound/


Re: The State of the Earth

I am at present speechless in the face of what is happening to and on the earth. I have no clue what to do. Any input you want to offer would be welcome. For sure we should be doing things to protect ourselves and our animals from all the toxins from the Gulf and Fukushima and here is a good option:


But there is no way to protect the wildlife and the habitat. Really unbelievable.


Well it is the holidays…so here is a bit more cheer.


White Xmas


Holiday Special!

From now through New Year’s get 15$ off my normal half hour rate for a consult or a tutoring session! Get a gift for yourself or your friend/relative. I can send you a gift certificate by email that you can print out.

Happy Holidays!

When I look back to each of my animals, in almost every case I feel that my animals found me – they made the connections that brought us together – not the other way around. Two of my cats just showed up at my door, another was running in the street and would have gotten killed if I hadn’t saved her. Two of my dogs came to me from friends who asked me to rescue them. I saved my horse Rio to give him a nice place to die; instead he survived and thrived and turned into a perfect trail horse. I am also sure that our animals come into our lives for a purpose: to help us heal and help us learn.

My new book, My Animal My Self, delves into the magical connections that bring our animals into our lives and the hidden dynamics of healing and teaching that our animals offer us. My book is available in online bookstores, at your local store, and on my website.














Do you have a story about how your animal found you or how one of your animals helped you in your life? If so please share it on the blog.


Classes, Classes, Classes!

I am teaching in person in the following upcoming venues:


Oct 19 – Novato, CA – Marin Humane Society     Beginning Animal Communication

Oct 25 – 27 – Visalia, CA     Beginning/Intermediate Animal Communication/ Medical Intuition/Advanced Animal  Communication/ Counseling Animals and Their  People 

Nov 2 – Novato, CA – Marin Humane Society     Intermediate Animal Communication – Talking  with Your Own Animal

Nov 11 – 17 – ONE WEEK INTENSIVE:   Intuitive Communication with Animals and   Nature (retake for half price)  (Learn everything I know in 1 week!)   Middletown, CA

Dec 1 – Richmond, CA   Beginning/Intermediate Animal Communication  

 Get A Flyer About the Class

I have flyers for each of the above classes. If you would like a flyer for yourself or if you would be  willing to share it by email with friends and animal groups who might be interested, or by posting it so people in your area can find out about the class please call or email me.


Nov 5 Tuesday -  Practice Group   1 session, 2 hours – Choose either at 11 am by skype or 6 pm by phone, pacific time

Nov 11 Saturday – Talking with Your Own Animals    1 session, 2 hours – Choose either at 11 am by skype or 6 pm by phone, pacific time

Nov 23 and 30- Saturday - Intuitive Animal Training  2 classes total, 1 hour each week – Choose either 11 am by skype or 6 pm by phone, pacific time

Dec 7 – Working with Your Guides 1 session, 2 hours – Choose either at 11 am by skype or 6 pm by phone, pacific time

Note: All classes above have a prerequisite of the Beginning Animal Communication Class. You can satisfy the requirement through a class with me, or a half hour private tutoring session. I accept other communicator’s beginning classes as equivalent to mine. I also added some Saturday teleclasses to serve those of you who can’t do classes during the week.

Contact me for more information or sign up on my site:   http://martawilliams.com/WorkshopSchedule.htm

 Fixing the Planet

Mushroom Power

Who knows what if anything will pull us out of the whirling vortex we are now descending. If anything can, it may be the power of nature herself. Here are two videos about Paul Stamments and the use of fungii to remediate toxins. I liked both of them so I included both. If anyone is interested I put together a little pamphlet on how to remediate the Gulf with mushrooms, way back before they poured on the  Corexit -  when it was just an oil spill…. and I will be happy to dig that out and send it to you.





Another thing to consider in remediating the planet, is giving Nature a little help. That is what Wilhelm Reich designed in Orgonite, a man made substance that generates positive energy ions. You can get an organite  cloud buster to neutralize chem trails and radiation. If we place enough of them on the planet…who knows?

Here is a source for buying a cloud buster.        http://orgoneenergybalancing.org/products.html

Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch…

At this point we are probably all being exposed to radiation from Fukushima and toxins from the Gulf and who knows what else. Here is an inexpensive, easy way to protect yourself and your loved ones from radiation and toxins.


I get Indian Clay from the health food store. Just make sure to get clay that has no perfume etc, added in.


Dogs Who Love Water



Here is a good article in two parts on vaccine use in horses. For my own animals I avoid vaccines whenever possible.I have cats that go outside and I live where there are wild cats and wild animals, including bats and skunks. I feel that a really healthy animal will fight off disease. It may make sense to do early life vaccination, though there is plenty of controversy about that. But vaccinating every year with multiple vaccines makes no sense; we don’t do that for ourselves. And designer vaccines (ie the latest greatest…) are just to make money for the pharmaceutical companies, as far as I can tell.




How to Activate Your Willpower


How to Train a Chicken!

If you have chickens…. check this out.



Want to get funny, weird interesting posts from me daily? Go like my facebook page: 


When I  talk with people about the world we end up concluding that it is so overwhelmingly fubar that conventional solutions won’t make a dent in turning things around.  We will need new and weird tactics like this invention for cleaning up plastic in the ocean.


Many such cool ideas pop up every day, but no matter how inventive we get, there is the overriding issue of the psychopaths who are are in control right now. Even my sister, who used to question my conspiracy theory postings, sounds like me now when she calls. People are finally getting it that, for whatever reasons, the crazies seem intent on killing this planet.

So what do we do about it?  Who knows? Who has ever had to confront the challenges we face? I believe social action is key; groups like Occupy Now, and those organized against GMO, fracking – you name it-  have to get bigger and stronger. Like what happened in Turkey (see this short cool video on that).


It is also crucial that people and groups, even whole cities, go sustainable and self sufficient.  You should have no trouble finding a group in your area that you can join and assist.

But I don’t think any one thing is going to make the difference. If indeed we can salvage this earth, it will probably be through a combination of the above and other actions yet to be revealed. For sure we can’t sit back and do nothing. Below  is another easy action that could help, and won’t hurt.

Energy Healing and Manifesting for the Animals and the Earth

You can do this individually and/or find a group of friends to do this with in person or from a distance. I would recommend doing it regularly.  I am doing this daily.

Energy Healing

Energy healing is all about intention. You can study to get more adept, but here is a really basic guide:

Intend that your energy is protected. Intend that you bring healing energy into your body from the earth and from the universe; feel the healing energy mix in your body, healing every cell. Allow some of it to come through your heart, down your arms and out your palms. Intend that that energy is available for healing. Offer it (don’t send it or push it) to whoever or whatever you want to help heal:  the earth, the animals, etc. Let the energy be drawn as needed, more comes in its place, you are just the channel.  As you offer the healing energy, see and feel the changes you want to have happen. Imagine your dream as you offer the healing. Stop when you feel the session is complete. Have the intention of disconnecting from the healing energy sources, and go back to your normal energy state, clear and refreshed.

Manifesting (for the earth, the animals or yourself)

Come up with a short catchy phrase for what you want and phrase it as if it has already happened. Example: We turned the tide and saved the planet. Work on it until you really like it , how it sounds, how short and easy it is to say, how it makes you feel, … change it til its perfect .. and you can keep changing is to make it more perfect.
When ever you think of what you want, or start to think about how much you don’t have what you want.. just cancel all thoughts and think the positive short phrase or say it out loud. Ask for help from spirit which can be anyone or anything not in a body that you believe is out there helping you, or just ask the Universe to help. Write your phrase and post it around your house so you see it a lot and say it out loud often. Spend a minute or two imagining what you want with all your senses.  Focus especially on how you would feel, what you would think, how things would be different if it were true.

To manifest in a group, do all this together and out loud, then imagine/visualize together. You can do this in person or agree on a time to work together from a distance. You may want to set a regular time to do a group manifesting session and or combine it with a potluck or some other regular activity.

Drumming for the Animals

In my last newsletter ….

see here and sign up if you want to be on my newsletter mailing list -http://martawilliams.com/NewsletterV16N3.html

…. I mentioned Titia,  who is drumming with others on a regular basis for the animals. Here is a photo she sent of drumming to a camel in Egypt.

If you are a drummer and would like to coordinate your drumming with her event you can contact her by  email titia.sluiter@hetnet.nl and you can connect with her on Linked In. Her drumming group is called Soul Drum and meets the first Sunday of the month, 10 – 10:30 am Netherlands time (might be a bit early for NA folks).

My Animal My Self – Reader Reactions

My new book, My Animal My Self: A Breakthrough Way to Understand How You and Your Animal Reflect Each Other,  has been out for about a month now and i have been asking readers how they are reacting to it. Everyone I’ve asked has really liked it and says it is easy to read and well written – that it feels like i am right there chatting. Those I’ve interviewed also say that in reading the book they have had amazing insights into the significance of the animals in their lives. One person realized that her cat was taking on her immune system issues.   Another told me that the dog she really didn’t want turned out to be her best teacher in life.


I wrote this book to help you see  the hidden connection between you and your animals, past and present. Invariably you will find they helped you heal or brought you incredible teaching. This book gives you a whole new perspective on the depth of your relationship with the animals in your life. It is available in bookstores, in online stores and through my website.


Upcoming Teleclasses

Here are my upcoming teleclasses. Contact me by email or phone if you want to sign up.

Talking with Nature – July 24 and 31

Practice Group – August 6

Death and Beyond – August 12 and 19

Finding Lost Animals – August 15 and 22

Repeat a class for practice for half price.


What Dogs Teach Us

This is a really sweet video.


Your Questions

Q  – When you say, “Ask the library,”  are you talking about working with your spirit guides? Also  how do you feel about working with guides?


A – When I refer to the universal library, I mean all the knowledge that exists, which may also be referred to as the akashic record. I think of spirit guides as any beings in spirit, not in body, who you think might want to help you. For me that can be any animals or people in spirit I have known and any spirits of the earth, which can include for me beings like an angel or some animal or person who appears in a journey or a dream. Some people think of a deity as a guide. I believe it has been extremely helpful for me to work with guides and would recommend that you try it and see what happens for you.


Backyard Chicken Rant 


Fire Season Disaster Preparation
Here is some great advice for being prepared for a fire.



Vaccine Controversy

This is a pretty good explanation of why many people are avoiding the use of vaccines for their animals.



If you like it, share it.

Chow, Bella



My Animal My Self

A Breakthrough Way to Understand How You and Your Animal Reflect Each Other

Here is the cover of my new book! It will be released at the end of May. You can pre purchase at any online store, or through my site (signed copy) or through New World Library, my publisher.


This is the link to my website store page and links to some online stores. http://martawilliams.com/Mams.htm

Mirroring has not been written about or explained in depth up until now. In this regard, this book charts new territory and brings a completely new perspective about why we and our animals are together in this life.
Mirroring can n occur on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level between you and your animal. For example, through mirroring,  your animal can show you what is not in balance in your life and by doing so can become one of your greatest teachers. Or, out of love, your animal might take on your emotions, life situation,  or physical issues in an attempt to help you. In the book,  I have included  a detailed mirroring questionnaire that will help you discover how and why your animals, both  past and present,  have mirrored you and your life. This book really is something completely different for animal lovers and it will help you discover a whole new dimension in your relationship with your animals.


I will be doing a free book reading on May 31st at Phoenix Books in Essex VT at 7pm EST.

Then June 1 and 2 I am teaching a series of courses, also in Essex, VT. There is still room in the courses. Please pass this information along to any friends in New England area. You can sign up for the courses at my website .


Any Last Minute One-Weekers?

There is still room in my one week intensive in California that starts next Monday morning. Learn everything I know in one week! Call me if you are interested: 707 987 1092.


When to Euthanize?

This seems like a pretty good guide for how to make the hard decision about when and whether to euthanize.


I have found that every animal, every death, is unique. I have let some animals peacefully die, and others I have had put down in order to avoid intense suffering. It’s always difficult to decide, and it’s always ultimately your call. What are your thoughts on this subject?


Rupert’s New Book

In My Animal My Self, I  briefly discuss Rupert Sheldrake’s new book, Science Set Free. Here is a series of interviews with Rupert that you might like. His new book is ground breaking and worth a look.



Your Questions

I have a question : if animals are supposed to understand everything that is said, thought, or felt regarding them, how come it is important that we explain things to them? Why do animals have separation anxiety, resource guarding, fear of moving, etc. Why can’t they act like they understand us? Why do a lot of them have to act so stupid? I’m not saying they should mindlessly obey us, but for example, if a person has a fear of dogs, shouldn’t dogs take that into consideration and not jump on her? Or can’t cats understand that most people are not going to hurt them, and not be so skittish? Can’t animals just look into people’s hearts? By the way, I do believe that intuitive-communication is very real and that Nature is our equal. I’m just puzzled as to why animals don’t act more as if they understood us.


First of all, great questions!…Animals need respect and recognition just like we do and they respond best when treated accordingly. Without this they tend to tune out their humans. Animals need the detail and nuance that can only come from you,  not just from them eavesdropping.

With regard to why are they “stupid” and why cant they just not have resource guarding, separation anxiety and fear of moving… the answer to that is that they are not humans and have not been socialized the way we are. They are more like wild animals. The machinations of the modern world are scary for most animals. Animals  also have species-specific behaviors,  like resource guarding,  and that would have to be conditioned out of them. But probably if we were not taught to share when young we would be biting anyone who tried to steal a potato chip!  LOL

Per your other questions: Why would a dog not be kinder to a person with a fear of dogs? Who says they aren’t? Usually what I see is if a dog picks up that a person is scared the dog will avoid that person or the dog will,  in turn, get scared. I have not seen a dog just jump on the person with disregard. However, if you had asked that question about a cat, well, that’s a different story. Cats tend to make a bee line to the lap of the ones who hate them. I believe they do this because they just have to see for themselves:  they can’t believe that a human being could actually not like cats.

As for why an animal can’t understand not to be skittish. Again, animals are just a surface scratch away from being wild. They are first and foremost about survival and once they have been traumatized, they can have a hard time letting it go; this is also true for most humans.

You say in closing, ” By the way, I do believe that intuitive-communication is very real and that Nature is our equal. I’m just puzzled as to why animals don’t act more as if they understood us.” What I would suggest is that you keep experimenting. . The more you practice talking  intuitively with your animals, with other animals, with wild animals and with nature, the more likely you will be to start collecting solid evidence  that nonhumans can hear and understand us through intuition.


Canine Lullabies

This looks pretty neat. If you have a dog with separation anxiety or who is afraid of thunder…its worth a try.



Dowsing is an ancient practice and art. Here is a link to one of the world masters at dowsing, Raymon Grace. He has a number of books on how to use dowsing to clear energy which I highly recommend. Check it out!




Lots of people ask me what chemtrails are… here are a couple of links to learn about them.. there are tons of sites about this on the net.



To counteract chemtrails, undo drought, and other cool things… check out cloud busters. Here is one site that makes them…there are lots of orgonite sites on the net too.



The State of the Earth

The complete mess we are in is FUBAR. And what is even more amazing is that people can dodder around like there is nothing wrong… How is that even possible to do? All I know is that  I can’t ignore and go into denial. How about you?



 When you have talked intuitively with an animal and you are checking the information you got from the animal with the animal’s person, how do you explain and deal with it when the person says you got  something wrong?

Good questions! Here are some of the more likely reasons why one could get inaccurate information when doing intuitive communication:

  • You may be getting inaccurate feedback.  The person who is giving you feedback on the information you feel you got from the animal, may not actually know the correct answer, or may have forgotten something that the animal didn’t. Here is an example from my own experience. A student said that my dog liked to play in the water down by the barn. I responded that there is no water down at my barn. Then the next day when I went to fill the water trough I saw that my dog was playing in the water that ran off from the trough. I called my student and told her I was wrong, and she was right.
  • You may have some intellectual interference. One of the pitfalls of doing intuitive communication is that you can too easily go into your intellect and start “thinking” rather than feeling.
  • You may have made an assumption on incomplete or vague data. Another thing that can happen is you can get some impression that is vague or ambiguous and instead of asking what does this mean, you make an assumption. For example, if you are asking an animal about his past and you get the word rescue, you cannot assume he was at a shelter. Animals get rescued in all kinds of ways. They can be found in the road, saved from a neighbor, and etc. So it is wise never to assume anything, but to go back in intuitively and ask for more detail until you have a more complete story.
  • You may be tired, sick or otherwise not in top form.  If you are not feeling your best  your intuitive abilities may be compromised. For example, I never work when I am tired. It is also true that someone who is really skeptical can throw you off intuitively. That’s why I don’t like working with a confirmed skeptic. Also, if you have performance anxiety you may find your intuition is inhibited.

If you find you have any of these blocks or tendencies we can schedule a private tutoring session to resolve them.  The bottom line is you most likely won’t be 100 % accurate all of the time. Most well known psychics say this too–80% to 90 % is a good goal.

The above issue was the lecture topic for the March Animal Communication Practice Group.  I host an online (by Skype or phone) Practice Group in Animal Communication once a month at the beginning of each month (usually the first Tuesday). The next practice group is April 2nd. You are welcome to join if you would like. Each month we have a different lecture topic and participants practice communicating with each others animals.   A Beginning Class in Animal Communication is a prerequisite. If you don’t have that you can email me -  marta@martawilliams.com or call me at 707 987 1092 to work with me by private tutoring to fill this prerequisite.


My New Book – My Animal My Self – Release Date May 2013

My new book will be out about Mid May. I will be sending out a special email just to announce the publication. If you are not on my email list you can sign up on my website. You can also pre order the book on the online book sites if you like. This book explains in detail how to detect mirroring between you and your animal, whether it be on the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level. In truth your animal often reflects you on many


Cia and Akasha. Cia’s story about how Akasha led her on the right path for her work and life is in My Animal My Self.

levels and each animal you have can reflect a different aspect of your inner or outer world. It is just hard to see this clearly, especially with your own animals. Its fairly easy to see exaggerated cases of mirroring, like when an animal has the same exact physical problem as the person, or when a person is extremely nervous and their animal is too. But it’s much harder to see the typical, subtle mirroring that is going on with animals and their people. This is even more true when you are trying to analyze your own relationship with your animal. That is why I designed an extensive questionnaire that will show you the hidden dynamics going on between you and your animal. You can fill the questionnaire out for any animal, past or present, and discover the hidden teaching and healing that animal is offering you, or gave you in the past.
The Shopping Dog

Nice Shopping Outfit!


Upcoming Classes

One Week Intensive – May 20- – 25

There is still space in my one week intensive. This is the best way to blast through your blocks and find  your confidence as an animal communicator. This course is designed for the beginner and or those with some experience. Sign up now to reserve a place at the nearby ranch I have reserved for participants’ lodging. Spaces there are limited. In this course I cover everything I know how to do. We will be working into the evening a few nights to be able to cover it all, so it really is a total immersion. Might find time to go to one winery, since I live in prime wine country and we can also go one night to the nearby hot springs, but otherwise be prepared to work!  I give discounts off the course fee for classes you will be retaking. Contact me if you have questions.

Vermont Book Event and Courses

May 31 Book Reading, My Animal My Self – Phoenix Books Essex, VT 7pm

June 1 – 2 – Workshops in Essex VT – Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced Animal Communication, Mirroring Between You and Your Animal

June 3 – 5 – Workshops in Goshen VT – Talking with Horses, Intuitive Agriculture, Animals as Teachers and Healers, Mirroring

Upcoming Teleclasses

Practice Group – April 2

Advanced Animal Communication – April 8, 15, and 22 (Beginning prereq)

Talking with Your Own Animals – April 10 and 17 (Beginning prereq)

Sign up on my website.


The Fun Way to Wash Your Windows



Earth Update

Being alive at this time in history is no easy task. You don’t need to go any further than the daily headlines at  http://enenews.com/

Record high sea lion deaths in S. Calif….

Southern Tokyo contaminated…

Fukushima contamination spreading…

Sinkhole in Louisiana growing…

on and on

The question always arises … How do we live with this insanity and destruction? The answer is that we may not.. We just might not survive all this. As I have said many times in this blog, if we do it will not occur through old paradigm solutions. My best advice for how to cope is this: ask to be shown the best way for you to help, the best thing for you to do. Advice will come from your intuition and or from some external source. It really doesn’t matter where the help comes from as long as you get the guidance. Pay attention and follow your intuition. That is really the same as saying follow your heart, as intuition is rooted in your feelings and often informs you through feelings.

As I mentioned in my last blog, I was looking for the best path for myself  in terms of helping wild horses and burros and discovered Wild Horse Education in the process. Here is their latest mailer with a new  music video, including a song about the mustangs by Maria Daines and Paul Killington called “Set Us Free”. Make sure to scroll to the bottom to watch the video and please support the efforts of this group.

Set Us Free



Last But not Least………What Can One Say?…OMG



OK … how many times have you watched it so far?  LOL

“Maggie, One, two, three…Catch!”


I don’t think there is a best method, there are so many useful techniques it would be hard to choose the best. I had good results from Access Energy Healing, which helped me stopped smoking years ago. But the founder and main proponent of the technique are not so appealing. Reiki is good and easy to learn and its everywhere, but don’t get sucked into paying thousands to take the master class; its available at a reasonable price now. Another technique I like is the Emotion Code by chiropractor Bradley Nelson.  I would love to hear which ones you have tried and liked — why you like them and what your results were. So please write in to the blog and share your thoughts and knowledge.


Upcoming Classes

In February I am teaching a teleclass on Manifesting for Ourselves and the Earth, and a class on Medical Intuition and Energy Healing. No prereq for the manifesting class, for the medical intuition you will need either a beginning class (with anyone or me) or a half hour tutoring session with me. Upcoming practice groups are Feb 5 and March 5, beginning tutor session or class required. In May I will be doing a one week intensive at my ranch. To learn more and register for these courses contact me and visit my website.



Here are some great videos you may not have seen yet.

Champi the Herding Rabbit

They made a poor choice of music I’s say, but the part where the rabbit tries to bite the sheeps’ noses… priceless!



In this youtube it is clear this dog understands this one time command and is doing his best to comply. This is not something you can teach….He just understood immediately what was being asked of him.


Doma India – Oscar Scarpati

I think maybe in this lifetime I am going to have to go to Argentina and see this…This is a long video but shows Oscar and his son Cristobal working with untamed horses using South American Indian taming methods. Really fascinating…

 What it says at the end in Spanish is:

Thank you for being on the side of the horse.

Let’s keep doing good.

Understand the Animals

Respect Nature

A sane world is possible

Don’t Buy PetFood Products from China

Waggin Tails chicken strips and about 20 other treats made in China are literally killing pets every day and the FDA only just banned two of them; the rest are still in stores. Now labeling is hiding where things are made so check the bar codes.

If the first 3 digits of the barcode are 690 691 or 692, the product is MADE IN CHINA.

List of common barcodes:

690-692 …then it is MADE IN CHINA
00 – 09 … USA & CANADA
30 – 37 ….FRANCE
40 – 44 ….GERMANY
471 ………TAIWAN
49 ………. JAPAN
50 … …….UK


Gaia Update

Gulf of Mexico

This video is a testament to the FACT that you will not find the truth about what is going on unless you search on the internet…and I do mean search. So this video is long and homegrown, but it does give you the latest on the Gulf.  Need it be said the situation is not good, and we hear nothing about this, nothing. So the government is still spraying corexit . This is to cover up the fact that oil is gushing out of the Macondo Well area. they want all the oil to sink. The oil is gushing because of BPs frannkencrobes, frankenstein microbes, that are destabilizing the ocean floor. Therefore everything in the Gulf, in the water, is literally getting coated with corexit and oil. Corexit is a planet killer. Prince William Sound is still sterile 12 years or so later. Good book to read, Vampire of Macondo by Diana Dupree  http://vampireofmacondo.com


What it means for the wildlife in the Gulf, they are toast. Dolphins and shrimp now being born with no eyes. How any living thing is still moving out there is beyond me. And does it need to be said, the Gulf is not a bathtub, not a closed system. Lets see: Cuba, those dolphins we all love in the Bahamas…..

Do you recall the water cycle lecture from your beginning biology classes. what goes into the water , comes up , goes around, gets in the rain, and goes all over. We are all pretty much toast too if we can’t find some way to …whats the word… address??? this. Its happening relatively slowly so people arent paying attention. Early on in the Gulf spill I tried to get info out to the people there about how to do bioremediation of oil spills , even large scale. It can be done with mushrooms and microbes. I have a friend who does it in South America where the oil companies are fffing up the Amazon jungle. BUT… Corexit is the game changer and the planet killer. If it was just oil, well it would be bad but doable, again even over thousands of miles etc.  but with the Corexit…its game over for normal techniques. Plus I have no clue how one would stop the destabilized condition of the ocean floor in the Gulf. We will have to pull some completely different rabbit out of the hat. Like energy work on a planetary level, and again I say… friendly aliens we need you.



The other current game end planet changer is Fukushima and really nothing has changed for the better. I have been seeing stories of deformed vegetables now showing up in California and fish so irradiated in Fukushima it is a wonder they can move. Again you will not hear about this unless you go looking for it . The two sites I check are FukushimaDiary.com and EneNews.com.

And What About the Wild Horses?

One bright note in the world for me personally is that, through manifesting, I found a group working to save US wild horses and burros that is really making a difference. They are winning against the government in court and stand a good chance of creating a legal requirement for humane handling of these animals by the government and a legal requirement that the public be allowed in to all the secret holding sites where these horses are taken when they are ripped off the range. Further this group is working ultimately to require a sane management policy in the wild and minimize horses taken off the range to only those that are adoptable. They are also involved in an ongoing investigation exposing how the government illegally sold these wild animals to slaughter. I am now working with this group, a fairly new nonprofit, started by a woman who has been working for years on this issue and documenting the atrocities. This was one of the few groups I found that is addressing the plight of the horses and burros in the wild. There are many mustang advocate groups that raise money to pay for horses they have in sanctuaries, and lots of groups promoting public comments and petitions. While public protest is necessary, it has not done the trick. There are also a number of horse advocate groups working to end slaughter. That is key as well and I am supporting those groups too, but ending slaughter doesn’t get at the core of the problem for the wild horses and burros. The government abuse of these animals has to stop and there has to be a management practice that manages them primarily in the wild not rips them off the range. If you  would like to support this group they really need donations. They are at present all volunteer and aren’t slick in any way.. so not making the big bucks like many other groups that have paid staff. The best help would be a small ongoing monthly donation. Go to their website and click on the donate button in the top menu to find the monthly option. Also if anyone would like to volunteer along with me for this group, just get in touch.


The fact that after over a year of searching I finally found this group, to me is proof that manifesting DOES really work. I’m going to start on the Gulf now, mass energy work  and the friendly aliens, I guess.. Unless someone has some better ideas. LOL


If you like this blog please pass it on.




Have a happy, merry

…. So what exactly is it we are venturing into? Certainly uncharted waters, but the future is always so. The golden age? the Alpacalypse? I guess we will only know when we know.

Here is some holiday cheer anyway for this darkest time of the year and darkest time of our planet. I am officially a coldafile or a coldenyst or whatever you call people who just hate to be cold… that’s me. Can’t wait for the return of the sun. Have some fun this week:


Find a drumming circle in a mall near you.  Idle No More -




Definitely check out Dog Shaming …there are some good holiday ones. http://dogshaming.tumblr.com/




Listen to some carols

And find the ways to help the animals and the earth.






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