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When you get stuck

Here are some tips for getting unstuck if you are doing an intuitive communication with an animal and getting nowhere.

  1. Ask the animal why you aren’t getting anything and find out if the animal has some issue that needs to be addressed.
  2. Ask yourself, ‘What does it feel like the answer is’, or ‘How does it feel  that the animal feels. In other words, go with your feelings. 
  3. If all else fails, make yourself make your best guess to get your intuition working. Then check out what you got with the animal’s person.


 Horse Rescue

 This is a simply amazing video of a horse rescue. I won’t be riding over any railroad trellises in my lifetime,  thank you very much.

Horse RescueThe funniest videos are a click away

Free Horse E Magazine

My student/friend Barb Fenwick in Canada just started a free horse Ezine you might want to subscribe to. Here is the url



Colds and Flu

I got a cold half way through my  trip to Europe this year and had to figure out how to deal with it. Cold season is coming up and then we have the specter of the swine flu looming, so I thought I’d share some home remedies for colds and flu and see what ones you have. The first and easiest is washing your hands a lot, gargling with warm salt water and doing a sinus wash with salt water (tip your head back and, using a cup, tip a tiny bit of warm salt water into your nose, let the salt water run up your nose, through your sinuses and down the back of your throat) – it stings but it works to kill the virus and bacteria. For colds and flu a reader recommended getting an onion, cutting just the tip off to expose it, and putting in your bedroom (and other rooms of house). Apparently this is an ancient cure for plague, etc. The onion is said to absorb the bacteria and viruses. Who knows? But it costs about five cents to try it. If you try the onion cure, make sure to put the onion where no animal can get at it as onions are possibly toxic to dogs and cats. I also took the homoepathic remedy for flu and colds that you can get at the healthfood store,  oscilloco. On the planes I used lemon essential oil (one drop internally and a dab in each nostril) to ward off germs. When I got to the UK I had to break down and go to an accupuncturist, for although my cold was pretty mild, it wasn’t moving to get better. After the accupuncture, I got better within a day.

With regard to the flu vaccine, personally, I wouldn’t go near it. It is untested for one thing, and I feel that we way overvaccinate ourselves and our animals. Eating only organic, taking  minerals and vitamins, taking probiotics and enzymes for the digestive system, getting toxins out of the environment, and regular exercise are the best ways to stay healthy and fight off disease for people and animals. There has been a lot of buzz on the internet about the vaccine and how it may become mandatory to take it…let’s hope not. But just in case, one reader sent in this advice for what to do:

How do you protect yourself from mandatory swine flu vaccines? If you have to get the shots, load up on these before and after the shot: Vitamin C (natural) not synthetic, cilantro, chlorella and phytoplankton if you can get it. Having adequate vitamin D in your system is also important, that means expose most of your body to the early morning sun for at least 30 to 45 min if you can.




Why Dogs Hate Halloween

halloween 3halloween 1

halloween 2halloween 5

Home Again

Sorry for the disappearing blog act. I was away teaching, lost my login, and then got a bad cold so I could only do so much in a day. I had a great trip and galloped on the beach in Vlieland, an island in the North of Holland. Really fun. I manifested the photo at the top of my blog. Still jetlagged but home and glad to see all my guys.

 Cool Cat

A reader sent me this link to a cool cat in Japan named Maru. Watch through to the box part. What a cute cat. Of course you can just see what some time outside and a raw diet would do.




Cool Videos

The same reader sent this link to a series of videos by National Geographic about unlikely friends.



More Couch Potatoes




Verbena and BB

Verbena and BB

Stupid Pet Tricks

I killed my cable years ago so I have no clue what’s on TV anymore. It looks like David Letterman is doing Stupid Pet Tricks again. YAY! I found this clip on HuffingtonPost.com. So first, you can’t tell me guys aren’t as animal crazy as women. Second, they saved the cutest trick for last.


Your Stories
Here’s a great story from the woman who is sponsoring me to teach in Baja next year. BTW that promises to be a great venue if you want to spend some time in Baja with me!

I laughed out loud at the lure racing dog taking out the front runner, and wanted to tell you a funny story about my 24 year old DWB mare.  A couple of weeks ago I checked in on her (she is now living with a dear friend of mine in Texas) just to see how she was doing with her allergies in the heat.  She piped up, “It is f__ing hot here!  I was shocked at her language and giggled… 




 “Spree, what?”  She said it again, then said, “Sometimes I like to talk like Tom (my friend’s husband).  I said I had never heard him say any words like that…, then checked with my friend, who was very embarrassed, but confirmed what Spree told me about Tom.  Spree said it about three more times during our conversation and I was laughing so hard tears were running down my face.


Onlynaturalpet’s info about heartworms and alternative treatment:



Upcoming Blogs

Write if you have a question or an animal you want to offer for people to practice with. Make sure to check with the animal first that it is ok.

 Ill be sending a few blogs from Europe mit photos…

cheers,   Marta

Winning with Intuition

I just worked with a woman and her dog on a behavioral issue. The dog was running lure races but instead of going for the lure was jumping on the dog who was running next to her. I talked to the dog and found that she really wanted to win and she thought the best way to do that would be to take out the other dog!!! (LOL… OK doesn’t that mean lots of laughs, or does it mean lots of love or does it depend?) Anyway, I explained to the dog that she would have to focus exclusively on the lure and told her that the best way to win would be to leave the other dog in the dust. We did a few other things too but mainly just talking to her about this… and… she won in her next race and completely ignored the other dogs. Yahoo!

So this stuff works, it really does. And the behavior change is the proof. Here is another case with a horse and the results from talking with her and working intuitively. The essential ingredient? Talking to them as if they really do understand you the way a person would.

I wanted to give you an update. You had talked with my mare Mya a few months ago. She and I are doing much better now. She has been much happier. She is jumping well again and we are having a lot of fun. The trail rides have been great for us. I normally longe her over some jumps that might be scary (they used to be, but now she is a champ over them), then we go on a trail ride, and when we get back we take a few minutes to plop over a few jumps together. She has been a blast to ride and over the weekend I was even able to cinch her up with her ears forward for the first time in a few years. The clicker really worked for the cinching and jumping. We had a heart to heart talk about her thinking that I just wanted to impress people. I let her know that I did not care if they were impressed and that last year I did not even take one ribbon home even when she was reserve champion. That all I wanted was to enjoy our rides. I told her that I pulled her from the one show and took her mom because I knew that even though her mom would not place as well I would be able to have fun with her and she would not refuse any jumps. After that talk she really seemed to start to change and I really feel as if I have my happy horse back. We just got back from a horse show and although she did not place as well as last year it did not matter because she had really nice courses, was happy (even in the flat classes where she normally pins her  ears), and we had a lot of fun. Thanks for your help.


We Have Your Potatoes

Patty's Potatoes

Patty's Potatoes


Dianne's Potatoes 1

Dianne's Potatoes 1


Dianne's Potatoes (2)

Dianne's Potatoes (2)


Send me your couch potatoes….

Re 9-11

 In honor of the people and animals who died in NYC please read the truth about 9-11 at the following sites. In NYC , 30,000 people signed a a petition circulated by families of victims and first responders which calls for a new investigation of 9-11. Here are my best picks for sites to check out:



See who signed the 9-11 petition besides Van Jones and read their thoughts…. (also what I have heard is that Van Jones was ousted by the oil industry working behind the scenes to get him out and stop cap and trade. What a messed up world eh? Nothing for it, we have to roll up our sleeves,  manifest, organize, and  just stop this garbage… Start by trashing Fox any chance you get.)


and the funny one:  http://thewebfairy.com/killtown/pentalawn.html

(BTW 9-11 alternative theorists don’t argue that nothing hit the Pentagon, just that it was not a passenger jet plane, more like  a missile)

The Truth may set us free….


 Got Couch Potatoes?

On a lighter note, I have started a photo survey of couch potatoes. If you have some good ones please send them . See below:






One potatoe two potatoe

One potato two potato

I took a really great picture of  my potatoes and then discovered the photo card was still in the reader attached to my computer rather than in my camera. LOL.

About the Goat

Here are Dianne’s responses to what people got from Giacomo:

I was looking for “likes his ears rubbed” but this is true…he gets an itchy spot between his horns, and I’ve seen him scratching it himself using a blackberry bramble, and the handle of my manure fork, and I’ve scratched him there, too. 

Giacomo wasn’t in a petting zoo (to my knowledge) but he may have described it that way.  After being dumped at the ranch (a county park) he was originally in the big goat pasture, where they let groups of kids in to pet the goats.  He did behave badly there, threatening to knock people down, and that’s when they moved him to my pasture.  I wasn’t involved but ranch workers were. 

I think it is accurate to say that he is  a funny goat who does not think he is a goat, perhaps because he has always been with human company.  Generally, he is playful fun loving and likes to make people laugh.

His best friend is  a horse, but not a draft horse, but I was curious as to why they thought that.  My horse, George,  is larger than most, and he is a former harness racer.  So if someone was not very familiar with horses, they might have picked up on his size or his being hitched up and thought he was a draft horse.  He’s a standardbred. 


Giacomo with his horse buddies

Giacomo with his horse buddies

Oh, forgot about treats…does not like carrots or apples, never tried him on chocolate or sugar cubes or pineapple.  He loves pine needles, pine shavings, and the overripe Asian pears my friend would bring by the bucket, and once ate several of the pumpkins I’d grown and left to cure in the sun.  And he eats cardboard, given the chance.  :-)  

I can’t say for sure if he likes kids or not, my guess is “not”, but he does have a devoted fanclub of young boys who pick pine needles for him, and he doesn’t mind them a bit. 
Giacomo taught me to get pine needles for him this way: 
Stare at pine needles up out of reach
Stare at Dianne
Repeat until she gets a clue

 Cute Photo




Your Stories

Here is another incredibly great story from a reader:

In response to your query about animal experiences,  I have always “known” that animals respond positively to me. Dogs, cats, horses generally want to be with me. The horses I have ridden for pleasure riding have  invariably (so I’m told) gone better, more willingly etc. than usual. My son’s dog has, since a puppy and now 12, singled me out for an ecstatic welcome.

Sully and Jamie, July 1st 2009 002


One incident that stays with me is when I was participating on my first “horse whispering” course a few years ago. The group was checking in one morning and I was talking about an impending family reunion that I was feeling a bit nervous about due to the historic family dynamics. The horse herd was in the distance grazing and one horse, a recent addition to the herd, detached herself and walked the few hundred yards across the field on her own to stand directly in front of me. She remained there with her nose on my chest completely relaxed and breathing deeply for about ten minutes while I continued my disclosures. She then raised her head, blew out long and hard, shook herself and rejoined the herd.
I felt as though I had been supported and empathised with and felt immensely moved and grateful to her.
Her owner then said that she had had a very troubled past that included rejection, feeling misunderstood and judged. A mirror of my childhood. Since then whenever I meet up with her I sense a bond of mutual understanding and love.

I got some chickens….

And I thought they would be so fun to have and easy to take care of. I had no idea. First I couldn’t get them to eat. Then they wouldn’t come off the nests, not to drink, eat, nothing. I’d take one off the nest and her legs would be so numb she couldn’t stand. Then I got two new ones and there was war. Then I found out they can get parasites and mites and all kinds of bad things. I think we have it all worked out now… one vet, two chat groups, two friends with chickens, and one friend who knows everything about animals later, but chickens, easy? I’d be the last to agree on that one!

 I’ll get some pictures of them for next blog.



 A reader, Dianne, thought people who read this blog might like to practice communicating with her goat,  Giacomo (Jockamo). He is estimated to be 15.  Here is his picture.




You can ask him his favorite treats, best friend (besides Dianne), where he likes to be patted, how he is with kids,  where he was before, and how he came to be with Dianne. Send in your impressions and next blog I will tell you what I know and Dianne can respond to any other info you get. If you would like to have people practice with one of your animals, send me an email with the details and some verifiables.


What happens when engineers own dogs….


Your Questions

A reader, Dianne, sent in this question:

You asked for topic suggestions, and I have one.  It’s been my experience as someone who can communicate with animals, that animals seem unusually drawn to me.  I’d be interested to learn if that happens to other animal communicators, and what their experiences have been with animals “recognizing” them.   (Today I was with my horse and found the rest of the herd staring a hole through me!)

 My Response:

 I have always found that animals are attracted to me too. People often tell me their animal never acts as friendly or calm or trusting as he or she is acting with me. I believe this happens because animals can tell what people are like and they know intuitively who has a good heart and who the true animal lovers are.  Has anyone else had this experience?


 Cute Picture

 cool cat 2


More About Mistoffellees

 This is an update about author Ann Walker’s cat Mr. Mistoffellees, or Stoffy, as she calls him.

A few months ago (March 31 blog) the story of my cat, Mr. Mistoffelees (known to his friends as Stoffy) was published on Marta’s blog. This told how he overheard two people at the Shelter where I found him discussing that he was to be put down. He didn’t use pretty words when he told me but said simply, ‘They were going to kill me.’ I had a chance some time afterwards to check this and found it was absolutely true and had I gone two days later he would not have been there. This made such an impression on me that I was determined to do more to let people know that animals DO understand so I got stuck into finishing the book on cats I had been toying with for months and am happy to say it is now printing and should be available by Sept. 1st. I called it The Power of Cat.




Also as part of the need to let people know how much animals understand I recently held a small workshop at my home on animal communication. Stoffy is usually sociable with visitors. On this occasion although he came into the room, he disappeared under the furniture and would not speak to anyone. This was so out of character for him that when we were alone that evening I asked him;  ‘Why were you so grumpy? I wanted to know; ‘It was so unlike you.’ ‘I thought they had come to choose me.’ was the surprising answer. I assured him that now he lived with me no-one would come and take him away. I have had him for well over a year now, he is a truly wonderful cat, my greatest friend, my soul mate in fur, full of fun and affection and normally very out-going and sociable. Yet seeing a group of people brought back memories of the Shelter.  This was another lesson for me and taught me that animals do not forget and though bad experiences may be forgotten they can resurface if some event triggers them off. It also highlights our need to be careful what we say in
front of animals.


Words That Should Be in the Dictionary

Arachnidiot (ar ak ni’ di ot) – n. A person, who, having wandered into an “invisible” spider web, begins gyrating and flailing about wildly.


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