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Good Question

I got an email from a woman who said she’d been skeptical about how all this works, but was becoming convinced of the accuracy when working with living animals. She could not understand, however, how one could prove an intuitive connection with an animal that had died. Great question! I believe that intuitive communication is connecting with the spirit of an animal. I also believe that you can contact the spirit whether the animal is alive or dead. This goes for people too, I regularly connect with the spirit of people who have died, and lots, maybe most of us do. I also connect with the spirit of trees and places that have been destroyed…. their spirits still live on. So that is the theorectical basis for being able to connect with an animal who has died, but that really proves nothing. To prove you have contacted that animal you can do the same thing you would do with a living animal:  ask verifiable questions. Here are some that I ask:

  • What did you love about that life?
  • Tell me about your personality, what is unusual about you?
  • What did you do with your person?
  • How was your death, what happened?
  • What do you want me to tell your person?

When you get verifiable data from the spirit of the animal, it is convincing to you and the animal’s person that you are really connecting with that animal. What are some other questions one might ask of a an animal that has passed to get verfiable information?

Lots of Great Stories

Check the comments from the last blog:  People sent in great stories about how animal communication really works. Speaking of stories I am beginning work on a new book and looking for stories to include. It is with a Dutch publisher so it will be in Dutch first then later in other languages including English. Specifically I’m looking for stories about how your animal mirrored you in some way, and acted as a teacher (whether negative or positive) and catalyst in your life. If your story is selected we will need a photo and also have you sign a release.  Send stories to my email at



Funny Cat Video

 This video shows a cat drinking from a faucet of running water and the caption says cat fails at drinking frm faucet. I don’t think so at all. This is just one of those rare wonderful cats who loves water! Have you ever had one of those? My water loving cat used to come in the bath tub, sit on my stomach, and splash in the water. Dear Marmalade… I will never forget him. He also used to jump from the ground right up to your neck,  put his arms around your neck, and give you a kiss.  He was big and looked a bit like an orange cougar. One in a million.


Practice with Norman

Want some more practice? I’ve had Norman about three months now and have discovered some new things about his personality and habits.


Norman, Beagle mix, 3

Norman, Beagle mix, 3

Ask Norman to describe personality and any new aspects that he’s exhibited lately. Also ask him to tell you anything he can about how he likes to show affection, how he and my other dog, Bear, play, and what his sleeping habits are. You can also ask him what is new in our lives this month.. I will tell you next blog what I know and have observed,  so you can check what you get.



  New Book by Tolle

If you like Eckhart Tole’s books, he has done a new one in collaboration with cartoonist Patrick McDonnell, the creator of Mutts. It is a departure from Tolle’s other books, with sayings from Tolle and illustrative cartoons from McDonnell.

Check it out at New World Library’s site  www.newworldlibrary.com

They really do understand

 It is hard to get it that animals really do understand us. It does not mean they will always respond accordingly but if you do the experiments you will get the results that prove to you this is real. Here is one example from a reader:

 I love reading your blog and was so happy to read that an animal responding to what you actually say is a form of animal communication.  Last fall I had new gutter covers installed on my house and they were wonderful.  Stopped all the leaks into the basement.  However, they also had little openings in the corners just big enough for grackles to enter and nest.  One morning I walked out of the house and heard a terrible racket.  A bird had entered and couldn’t get out.  I told him/her I was going to get the ladder and make the hole bigger.  He/she needed to go back in and remain calm while I did this.  I would tell him/her when I was done so he/she could come out.  The bird complied.  I was amazed.  He/she emerged unhurt and obviously grateful for my help.  I love the awarenes that animals do understand us more than we think they might.


Do you have a great example of an instance when an animal completely understood what you said and you could tell that was the case? If so please send it in. Every example helps break down the resistance that has been culturally instilled in us, which all of us have to undo.


Horse Yoga

I found a wonderful horse bodyworker who has put up a FREE guide on YouTube for how to get your horse limber and fit, the way you would for yourself doing yoga everyday. These five simple exercises are so easy, fun, and powerful, and the horses love them. Try them on your horses. If you notice things your horse can’t do well it indicates where your horse has a problem.



I just took a two day tutoring course with April to learn how to correct the many problems my horse Rio has. A previous bodyworker told me he was fine… now I know what is wrong with him and I can set about using energy work and massage to correct it. I am impressed with what April does as it is a synergistic combination of a whole array of modalities, blended into about an hour and a half session that addresses all the issues your horse has, and does so effectively. In other words … it really works and you really see a difference right away. Using the horse yoga stretches daily after a corrective session, you can often keep your horse sound and happy all on your own. Check out her endurance horse in the video and how fit he is … WOW!  He didnt start out that way; April was told he could not do endurance but he’s now done over 2000 miles staying comfortable and sound. Go to her website for more info about what she does:  holistichorseworks.com


Secretary Salazar and the Wolves

It doesnt seem like we won much with this new administration. Certainly when it comes to wildlife and wilderness we are losing not gaining ground. Please follow the links below to pressure the current US administration to stop harrassing and killing wolves.

Natural Resources Defence Council Action Page -  scroll down for wolves (and take action on any others or all of them…. oy vey)


Never ceases to amaze….

You’d think the glamour might have worn off by now, but I am always amazed when I talk with an animal as if talking with a person and the animal responds in a way that demonstrates complete comprehension. It’s pure magic and anyone can have this experience without any form of training whatsoever. Here are two of my latest stories. 

  • I was out in the pasture, end of day, tired, cleaning my horse’s feet. I did my Arab, then my mare, and then my Percheron, who picks up his foot easily, but once you have it in hand he sort of leans into it - good fun.  So by the time I finished with him I was wiped. Then I had my paint horse left and he sometimes goes wonky with his back feet because of old hip injury issues. So he will sometimes sort of kick and get goofy. I was not in the mood. So I said to him, ‘Cody, please be good. I am really tired. Just let me pick up your back foot a tiny bit, then let me rest the tip of your foot on the ground and let me clean it like that. That way you wont have any discomfort in your hip and you wont have to go wonky on me.’ It was actually kind of scary how he did EXACTLY to the T what I asked.  FYI: I am studying a new form of horse bodywork that I expect will help Cody with his old hind end injuries. I will keep you posted. 


  • Another example: I had to adopt my Mom’s 23 year old cat because he is incontinent and was going downhill. I am trying herbs and another supplement on him that I hope will have him a lot better soon. I wanted to let him mix in with my other cats. So I told my male cat Miles (l year) that he was going to have to be nice - not bite and  not get territorial. I explained all about the old guy and how frail he was. Usually Miles is macho to other male cats, but from the moment I put them together Miles has been the perfect angel. Amazing.

Try explaining this process to someone who has had little to no exposure to animal communication. Ask them to experiment by talking with their animals for a week or so as if the animal can completely understand. Also tell them to ask the animal to do things, like improve a bad behavior, etc. Then tell them to get back to you with the results. And if you have some success stories send them in to the blog.


Dressage Disgrace

I have long disliked most styles of dressage  because they force the horse into unnatural postions and are agonizingly repetitive. There are alternatives (see the comments under the video at the site below), and many riders are seeking and practcing a more natural style of dressage.


DSCN2850 (1)

This is my sister's rescue dressage horse, Garth, an Irish thoroughbred cross from Ireland. He of course is treated like a prince after having been used up as a sport horse and dumped at a lesson stable and almost dying.

Then we have the Rollerkur and hyperflexion. The video at this site shows the result of hyperflexion, in this instance using a Rollkur.

Watch this Dressage Video  then take the steps outlined to protest. 

Dressage horses are subjected to this daily. Let’s ban hyperflextion and the Rollkur from modern dressage.



What a Gorgeous Cat!



Hruby camera 029 


 Cool Website

For those readers in the US and for anyone with an interest in things organic, here is a great organic consumers organization with lots of info and an action page. Hours of reading for the holidays….



 Dancing Dog  – Must See!

You have to go to this right away because I couldnt find it on youtube so the only connection is to huffingtonpost. Im not sure how long they will have it up. The dog in this video is having so much fun and is sooooo talented. And the guy is so happy with her. It’s a great video.



Pass It On

 If you like this blog please pass it on. Please send in your comments, info, ideas, questions for inclusion. If you have a photo and questions for an animal, send to me and I will set it up so people can practice. Thanks

When you get stuck

Here are some tips for getting unstuck if you are doing an intuitive communication with an animal and getting nowhere.

  1. Ask the animal why you aren’t getting anything and find out if the animal has some issue that needs to be addressed.
  2. Ask yourself, ‘What does it feel like the answer is’, or ‘How does it feel  that the animal feels. In other words, go with your feelings. 
  3. If all else fails, make yourself make your best guess to get your intuition working. Then check out what you got with the animal’s person.


 Horse Rescue

 This is a simply amazing video of a horse rescue. I won’t be riding over any railroad trellises in my lifetime,  thank you very much.

Horse RescueThe funniest videos are a click away

Free Horse E Magazine

My student/friend Barb Fenwick in Canada just started a free horse Ezine you might want to subscribe to. Here is the url



Colds and Flu

I got a cold half way through my  trip to Europe this year and had to figure out how to deal with it. Cold season is coming up and then we have the specter of the swine flu looming, so I thought I’d share some home remedies for colds and flu and see what ones you have. The first and easiest is washing your hands a lot, gargling with warm salt water and doing a sinus wash with salt water (tip your head back and, using a cup, tip a tiny bit of warm salt water into your nose, let the salt water run up your nose, through your sinuses and down the back of your throat) – it stings but it works to kill the virus and bacteria. For colds and flu a reader recommended getting an onion, cutting just the tip off to expose it, and putting in your bedroom (and other rooms of house). Apparently this is an ancient cure for plague, etc. The onion is said to absorb the bacteria and viruses. Who knows? But it costs about five cents to try it. If you try the onion cure, make sure to put the onion where no animal can get at it as onions are possibly toxic to dogs and cats. I also took the homoepathic remedy for flu and colds that you can get at the healthfood store,  oscilloco. On the planes I used lemon essential oil (one drop internally and a dab in each nostril) to ward off germs. When I got to the UK I had to break down and go to an accupuncturist, for although my cold was pretty mild, it wasn’t moving to get better. After the accupuncture, I got better within a day.

With regard to the flu vaccine, personally, I wouldn’t go near it. It is untested for one thing, and I feel that we way overvaccinate ourselves and our animals. Eating only organic, taking  minerals and vitamins, taking probiotics and enzymes for the digestive system, getting toxins out of the environment, and regular exercise are the best ways to stay healthy and fight off disease for people and animals. There has been a lot of buzz on the internet about the vaccine and how it may become mandatory to take it…let’s hope not. But just in case, one reader sent in this advice for what to do:

How do you protect yourself from mandatory swine flu vaccines? If you have to get the shots, load up on these before and after the shot: Vitamin C (natural) not synthetic, cilantro, chlorella and phytoplankton if you can get it. Having adequate vitamin D in your system is also important, that means expose most of your body to the early morning sun for at least 30 to 45 min if you can.




Why Dogs Hate Halloween

halloween 3halloween 1

halloween 2halloween 5

Home Again

Sorry for the disappearing blog act. I was away teaching, lost my login, and then got a bad cold so I could only do so much in a day. I had a great trip and galloped on the beach in Vlieland, an island in the North of Holland. Really fun. I manifested the photo at the top of my blog. Still jetlagged but home and glad to see all my guys.

 Cool Cat

A reader sent me this link to a cool cat in Japan named Maru. Watch through to the box part. What a cute cat. Of course you can just see what some time outside and a raw diet would do.




Cool Videos

The same reader sent this link to a series of videos by National Geographic about unlikely friends.



More Couch Potatoes




Verbena and BB

Verbena and BB

Stupid Pet Tricks

I killed my cable years ago so I have no clue what’s on TV anymore. It looks like David Letterman is doing Stupid Pet Tricks again. YAY! I found this clip on HuffingtonPost.com. So first, you can’t tell me guys aren’t as animal crazy as women. Second, they saved the cutest trick for last.


Your Stories
Here’s a great story from the woman who is sponsoring me to teach in Baja next year. BTW that promises to be a great venue if you want to spend some time in Baja with me!

I laughed out loud at the lure racing dog taking out the front runner, and wanted to tell you a funny story about my 24 year old DWB mare.  A couple of weeks ago I checked in on her (she is now living with a dear friend of mine in Texas) just to see how she was doing with her allergies in the heat.  She piped up, “It is f__ing hot here!  I was shocked at her language and giggled… 




 “Spree, what?”  She said it again, then said, “Sometimes I like to talk like Tom (my friend’s husband).  I said I had never heard him say any words like that…, then checked with my friend, who was very embarrassed, but confirmed what Spree told me about Tom.  Spree said it about three more times during our conversation and I was laughing so hard tears were running down my face.


Onlynaturalpet’s info about heartworms and alternative treatment:



Upcoming Blogs

Write if you have a question or an animal you want to offer for people to practice with. Make sure to check with the animal first that it is ok.

 Ill be sending a few blogs from Europe mit photos…

cheers,   Marta

Winning with Intuition

I just worked with a woman and her dog on a behavioral issue. The dog was running lure races but instead of going for the lure was jumping on the dog who was running next to her. I talked to the dog and found that she really wanted to win and she thought the best way to do that would be to take out the other dog!!! (LOL… OK doesn’t that mean lots of laughs, or does it mean lots of love or does it depend?) Anyway, I explained to the dog that she would have to focus exclusively on the lure and told her that the best way to win would be to leave the other dog in the dust. We did a few other things too but mainly just talking to her about this… and… she won in her next race and completely ignored the other dogs. Yahoo!

So this stuff works, it really does. And the behavior change is the proof. Here is another case with a horse and the results from talking with her and working intuitively. The essential ingredient? Talking to them as if they really do understand you the way a person would.

I wanted to give you an update. You had talked with my mare Mya a few months ago. She and I are doing much better now. She has been much happier. She is jumping well again and we are having a lot of fun. The trail rides have been great for us. I normally longe her over some jumps that might be scary (they used to be, but now she is a champ over them), then we go on a trail ride, and when we get back we take a few minutes to plop over a few jumps together. She has been a blast to ride and over the weekend I was even able to cinch her up with her ears forward for the first time in a few years. The clicker really worked for the cinching and jumping. We had a heart to heart talk about her thinking that I just wanted to impress people. I let her know that I did not care if they were impressed and that last year I did not even take one ribbon home even when she was reserve champion. That all I wanted was to enjoy our rides. I told her that I pulled her from the one show and took her mom because I knew that even though her mom would not place as well I would be able to have fun with her and she would not refuse any jumps. After that talk she really seemed to start to change and I really feel as if I have my happy horse back. We just got back from a horse show and although she did not place as well as last year it did not matter because she had really nice courses, was happy (even in the flat classes where she normally pins her  ears), and we had a lot of fun. Thanks for your help.


We Have Your Potatoes

Patty's Potatoes

Patty's Potatoes


Dianne's Potatoes 1

Dianne's Potatoes 1


Dianne's Potatoes (2)

Dianne's Potatoes (2)


Send me your couch potatoes….

Re 9-11

 In honor of the people and animals who died in NYC please read the truth about 9-11 at the following sites. In NYC , 30,000 people signed a a petition circulated by families of victims and first responders which calls for a new investigation of 9-11. Here are my best picks for sites to check out:



See who signed the 9-11 petition besides Van Jones and read their thoughts…. (also what I have heard is that Van Jones was ousted by the oil industry working behind the scenes to get him out and stop cap and trade. What a messed up world eh? Nothing for it, we have to roll up our sleeves,  manifest, organize, and  just stop this garbage… Start by trashing Fox any chance you get.)


and the funny one:  http://thewebfairy.com/killtown/pentalawn.html

(BTW 9-11 alternative theorists don’t argue that nothing hit the Pentagon, just that it was not a passenger jet plane, more like  a missile)

The Truth may set us free….


 Got Couch Potatoes?

On a lighter note, I have started a photo survey of couch potatoes. If you have some good ones please send them . See below:






One potatoe two potatoe

One potato two potato

I took a really great picture of  my potatoes and then discovered the photo card was still in the reader attached to my computer rather than in my camera. LOL.

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