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Time to catch up. A lot has been happening, to say the least! I guess we all decided to be here at this time, but really I never stop asking myself if I really meant to do this.

Where I Will Be Teaching

I was going to teach a week intensive in Holland but I cancelled that trip. There is too much uncertainty in crossing borders at present for me to take the risk of doing it. Anyone who is a critic of the government (that would be me) could be detained and harassed, and many people are experiencing that. Any kind of delay could then mean having to cancel or delay the classes and that would not work. I have had so much stress lately that I just could not see taking that on. So sorry to all my students in Holland. Here is where I will be teaching in person:

My Farm
I am finally coming up for air after my move further north in California. Here is a photo of my new place, about half finished and painted – YAY! Lots more to do inside but progress is being made.


martas farm

Here is a short video of my horses

About that Novel
i mentioned that I was going to try my hand at writing a novel. I did finish a chapter and sent it to a number of people to read. I got excellent comments back that convinced me that writing a novel is a full time job. I need to start over and do it right, but I’m not independently wealthy, I have to work, and I won’t have time. So that project is on hold for now.

What the Heck Happened in the US?

The election was compromised and the US is now in the control of a bizarre billionaire family. Here is an NPR program on the billionaires behind Trump.

I do realize that some people reading this blog may still be Trump supporters, and if that is the case, I would say, you need to go find some good sources to tell you what this administration is really doing. For example, I don’t think most Trump supporters have heard that this administration just ok’d aerial killing of wolves and bears, shooting and gassing wolf puppies and bear cubs in dens, dumping coal ash in streams, removing all air and water protection laws, closing the EPA, drilling and fracking on national parks and national wildlife sanctuaries, using lead shot (that poisons eagles and wildlife). And on and on. Really.. that is just for starters.

Here are some ideas for how to act in these times:

    • Write letters to the editor… I plan to do this weekly and pick one issue, like killing baby bears, per week. Because truly people do not know about what is happening. If they only listen to Fox News, or right wing, or Christian radio, they will not know what is truly happening.
    • Join one of these groups    #resist   indivisible
    • Run for something
    • Find a friend and do deep canvassing door to door.
    • Do energy healing and dowsing to shift the situation. Link to my blog on how to dowse to shift energy.

And here is something to lift your spirits: A rare sighting of a dog bird.

Holiday Blog

Holiday Cheer

Hope you are having a happy holiday. It is possible to find a bit of beauty and joy! For example, here is a redo of  the Drifters version of White Christmas, as channeled by the Navy (weird, but they are almost better than the Drifters … amazing).


And here is a rhumba version of Beethoven – increible!  Beethoven in Havana


Your Questions

Answers to some questions submitted by students, clients and readers over the past few months.


Can You Spell Treat?

This is my blue tick beagle dog,  Norman, running around in my yard and then charging over when I say ” Want a treat”. He is 15 now and still acts like he is two. What is the secret? Organic real food diet and holistic care. If you want to schedule a half hour session with me I can discuss with you how I manage my dogs, cats and horses and get you the links to the holistic  resources I use.


Start the Year Right – Follow Your Dream
I believe that if you do what your heart is calling you to do, you will be happy in life. My heart is now saying, do the novel do the novel.. and yes I am working on it. If your heart is telling to you do Animal Communication, just know that it is possible for you to get good at it and do it as a business if that is your dream. People in my Animal Communicator Master Training Program are gaining amazing confidence and expertise and moving really quickly through the program, some have completed it in 4 to 6 months. Here is the link to the description of my Animal Communicator Master Training Program. If you want to discuss the program please get in touch.


Horse Leaders

The link that follows is a blog post that suggests that horses don’t really have a hierarchy in the wild. Link to post about horse leadership  While I agree that competition for food and therefore aggression in the herd is probably low in wild horses, I do believe there is a hierarchy that is part of herd protection behavior, which exists in all herds – wild and domestic. The lead horses watch out for the rest of the herd and will sound the alarm if there is danger. The lead horses therefore must be heeded and if a horse does not watch for these cues the leaders will nip, chase or otherwise set the inattentive member straight, basically saying… ‘You need to keep an eye out for me’. This is the theory behind the techniques of my favorite trainer, Carolyn Resnick   who spent three summers as a teen observing and hanging out with a herd of wild horses in Southern California. To learn more about her amazing adventure,  read her book, Naked Liberty. Her training uses the behaviors she observed in wild horse interactions to get your horse to see you as a leader. Her technique is completely nonviolent and does not involve using halters or lead ropes or round pens.


Deer and Christmas


Graphic is from article below.

Here is an interesting article about  deer in prehistory and their significance as a symbol, especially at wintertime.

Of course like everything else now , reindeer are endangered….


Hope for the New Year

Against all odds I do have hope that the new year will bring good tidings. If for no other reason than that a whole lot of people have woken up to what is going on on and to the earth. I continue to say that whatever happens to save this planet will have to be something “out of the box” It is my hope that 2017 will bring those solutions.


Please comment on this blog if you have something to say. Also send me your questions. I love questions!

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Buffalo Nation

I don’t know if you heard, but hundreds of wild buffalo showed up out of nowhere at the water protector action in North Dakota. I say if the buffalo showed up then we probably better show up as well.


(Note – I had to trim off the end of this as the sound went wonky, new cell phone  in order)

Here are some links about what is happening.


Legal Issues 

What to do (click on image below)



Check out my website schedule page for upcoming in person and on line classes 2016/2017


How Trees are Like People

Orgone energy (also commonly referred to as Orgonite) was developed by Wilhelm Reich, an inventor and free thinker who was ultimately jailed and killed; an unfortunately familiar story. An orgone device is a manmade assemblage of hardened resin with embedded crystals and metal that generates positive energy. Reich used orgone energy to heal people of cancer and to create rain with his cloud buster . Orgone devices have now been modified for use in neutralizing toxins (like from chemtrails and from radiation) and for modifying extreme weather.
Orgone Devices
Tower Busters – These were designed to address the negative energy emitted by cell towers. Burying a muffin sized tower buster (also known as “gifting”) in the vicinity of a cell tower neutralizes the negativity. You can purchase from one of the links below or make your own. I have used them to create nicer neighbors (I put some busters along the property line). I think tower busters could to transform anything that is negative like local city hall, corporate offices, or areas of pollution..

Cloud Buster/Chem Buster – Cloud busters also known as chem busters, have a range of 25 to 100 miles, depending on design, and can cost a couple hundred. (Note: see Earth Pipes below for lower cost alternative). Cloud busters nowadays have been reconfigured from Reich’s original design and are used to break up chemtrails and neutralize the chemicals from them. Cloud busters are also used against radiation and other toxins, and there are many people using them to modify weather and tone down extreme weather events. I have a cloud buster now and I am noticing that the chemtrails are dissipating over my house consistently. Apparently you can program cloud busters and earth pipes too, to help with growing

Earth Pipe – These are simpler versions of the Cloud Buster, with far reduced range of three miles in all directions and they only cost $10.

For more information on getting orgonite or making orgonite go to my original blog post from 2014


Right where I trimmed and the sound went bad on the youtube, I was saying that I included one more video from an Irish anti geoengineering activist, which I included because he actually makes the subject amusing. …What the bloody hell is going on.

Geoengineering is so technical that people cant wrap their brains around it. And for some odd reason people want to believe that we have done all this weather madness just by driving cars and using coal. That is not even close to possible. Have a listen to Terry.

If you like it , share it!

Trying something new…

This is my first video blog. I’m still learning…LOL. It is fun though and interesting to learn how to do this. I hope you enjoy it!  I will be doing a video post from now on for my blog, and also giving you written information that might be of interest. Always happy to answer any questions you have in the blog.


I realized I left something out of the video. There are people who say you should not talk to an animal unless you get the owners permisssion, so the tip I give in the video contradicts that notion. Personally, I don’t see the point of that proscription, since there is no way to enforce it. My feeling is if you are working in integrity then it is fine. Also animals are their own agents and they can decide not to talk to you if they want.


Cool Web Sites

This is a cool website I just found. Please share any websites you like.

Natural Wonder Pets


Dog and Owl

Check out these incredible photos by Tanja Brandt

dog and owl 2

Photo by Tanja Brandt


Geoengineering Event in Redding CA

I had the opportunity to attend the recent geoengineering watch event in my area in Northern California. And I had the honor of meeting Dane Wigington who has done such a fantastic job of exposing climate manipulation and educating the public. He is a true hero of our time. A number of lawyers have teamed together and filed a legal action against a whole host of agencies and individuals responsible for the covert weather modification program. Read more about it on the geoengineering watch website. It is a big step forward toward getting the world to see what is really happening with our weather. Once enough people are educated, everything will change. The best way to educate is to get some of the flyers from Dane’s website. You will find those on the left hand column of the website and you can download and print the flyers, or contact Dane, make a donation, and ask him to send you a batch. Hand flyers out to anyone and everyone, but don’t try to argue or defend the position as it is way too complex, just let people read for themselves. One of the reasons this is so hard for people to grasp the truth about climate manipulation is because it is so technical. Another reason is because it is so vast. No one can believe it could really be happening, but  trust me, it is.



Cleaning the Earth

Cleaning The Earth

My dowsing teacher, Raymon Grace, is doing an experiment in cleaning the earth. You can participate by using dowsing, prayer, or intention. It is set up for people to do it at 8 pm their time any night , or every night, and it is an ongoing experiment. Please consider participating and please tell others. Here is the link to the experiment.

Cocoa and Chance

Teaching in Vermont – July 9 – 12

I will teaching be in southern Vermont, an area that is also near NY, CT and MA. The Beginning class is required for any other class, but if you have had a Beginning class elsewhere that is sufficient. We could also do a private session to satisfy the prerequisite if you can’t make Saturday but want to attend another day. There are still spaces open in the classes . The classes are designed for the complete beginner, and can be taken in series. Hope to see you in Vermont. Link to sign up for classes. Please pass this on to groups or individuals whom you think might be interested. cheers!

flyer vermont

A Student’s Question

A student sent in this question, which I will answer here, because I am sure others have had a similar question

Recently I seem to be rather inaccurate (which is a bit depressing) but this also makes me think about the nature of animal communication. For example, I tried to communicate with a friend’s dog and asked what he is doing as first thing when entering the flat. I got: running to the back of the flat and jumping on the bed for fun and teasing. She said: no, he always runs to the cage with our pet mice, and she doesn’t think that he is doing something like going on the bed at all (also not at her mom’s).
So, my question is: when there is information that is very likely wrong…where does that come from? Because I saw the picture of the dog jumping on the bed and I was wondering if my mind is so fast and creative to send that to me (also I didn’t believe what I was seeing and repeated my question, but the info kept coming back). So I guess what I am really asking is: what are sources for “false” information and how big do you think is the role of our own minds to make such info up?

My response:

It is always tricky to figure out why one is inaccurate. I always say to treat it as a mystery. If it starts happening a lot it could be that you have some block to going with your intuition and are letting you rationale brain figure out an answer. In this case i am wondering if maybe that is what the dog would like to do rather than what it actually does. Since the student kept getting the info and it was a strong signal it makes me wonder. Animals don’t always provide answers the way we expect. for example, if you ask an animal to describe her house, what can happen is the animal will describe in detail and undeniably a house that she lived in in the past and one that she liked a lot better than her current one…. hint, hint.

so my final answer is, I would need to study all the “wrong” info the student is getting and evaluate it in context. it is always about the context. (so said student please get back to me and lets have that conversation…LOL)
If you have a question you would like me to answer in the blog just send it in.




Readings for People

I also do readings for people if you are interested. One uses the same set of skills that you use for animals . Get some insight into what is going on in your life … it will help you move forward faster.


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I finally sold my ranch and moved to a smaller property  about two hours north, still in Northern California. This move really took it out of me. Just about everything that could be or could go wrong, is or did. Fixing all this is almost as daunting as fixing the earth, hence the microcosm of the macrocosm. But I am out from under my home loan and now I can put more time into helping the animals and the earth rather than working to pay the banksters . Here are some pictures of my new place.


The creek behind my house. My horse Mojave plunked himself in the shallows as soon as I led him down here.

House wont be red much longer … LOL


Tris, and Jave grazing in front pasture.

BIG dog yard!


New Book!

Another thing I can do now is start a new book. Look for more information on that soon. I am going to do something completely different (what being an animal communicator wasn’t enough???) :  I am writing a mystery novel..already started. I’m not just doing it for fun, it is meant to shift things. Yes there will be talking animals in it. Wish me luck and stay tuned.


Detoxing in a Toxic World

The last blog I did on detoxing was too long and involved, according to some readers. So here is the cut to the chase short version.

Things to do to detox and improve immune system.

1. No to low dairy
2. Do sour citrus. I do lemon, lime, grapefruit squeezed in water, with stevia , good to do first thing in am with warm water and during day
3. Do a lymph drainage massage on self –

Can do this lying down.

Here is a written guide

4. Walk and do stretches /yoga /do slow heavy weight lifting
5. Decrease protein (plant and animal) Increase low sugar fruits and veggies
6. No processed carbos, do potatoes, spaghetti squash as pasta, only organic
7. Only organic or non gmo food … only
8. Do an infrared sauna – Make your own infrared sauna
9. Do a loofa dry brush daily
10. Do milk thistle, dandelion and nettle herbs daily, as tea or pills

For supplements I do:

Para – sheild –  anti parasite
Whole food multi vitamin and mineral
Some form of iodine to protect thyroid
Bentonite clay or apple pectin daily to detox

Apple cider vinegar to alkalinize,  I also do some baking soda in water, daily, Bob’s Redmill brand
Magnesium citrate to counteract the chem trail nanoparticulate aluminum spraying

Coconut oil for immunity

West Coast Dowsers Conference – I will be there!

This is a fantastic conference happening in Santa Cruz July 1 – 5.  Not to be missed. I highly recommend Wayne Hoff who will be presenting how to clear land and houses with dowsing. He is awesome! Also, Karen Berke, one of my former students is presenting a course on Animal Communication. I will be teaching about mirroring between animals and people.

Here is the link


Coming to Vermont in JULY!

All you Vermont and adjacent state people:  I will be teaching a four day intensive in Vermont July 9 -12. This will be one of the last trips I do I think. From now on I will only do training in California. Please see my website for schedule and to sign up. Call or email if you have questions. You can retake any class for half price and if you had a Beginning class with another teacher I accept that as equivalent to mine, so you don’t have to take that class over.

Share this if you like it and please comment. Would love to hear from you and it would be great to see you in Santa Cruz or VT!




Here’s to 2016….

If 2016 is better than 2015, well then hallelujah. If it is worse than 2015, then we are probably all going to be toast. So here is to a much better new year! And to everyone waking up and becoming an activist.


Waking Up

The signs are there that people are waking up to all the lies and deceptions that have been foisted on us, and that people are realizing the power we have that is yet untapped. Dog trainer, Victoria Stillwell, wrote an interesting article about a new approach to dog training. Here is the link to the article,  titled No Cue November

You really need to read it to believe it, but essentially her training group is saying, just talk to your dogs! When I first read it I was ROFL (rolling on the floor laughing). This is exactly the approach I advocate in my book, Ask Your Animal, and I recommend it because it works far better than barking commands.

cover small


Here is an excerpt from Stillwell’s article:

We began by throwing out all traditional cue/reward scenarios. The new protocol: all cues must be given in complete, open ended, sentences. For example: “Sit” was replaced with “Would you like to sit down?” “Let’s go” was replaced with “Would you like to walk to _________ with me?” “Tug” was replaced with “Would you like to tug on this?” Each of the new cues was followed by showing the dog a few times and encouraging mimicking. The brilliance of this concept is that if the dog fails to perform, it’s completely acceptable. If you asked a question, no is a completely acceptable answer. We also stopped worrying so much about rewards. Food, play, praise, and social interaction were all freely given without much thought of the traditional behaviorism reinforcement system. We just didn’t worry much about accidental reinforcement or reinforcing undesirable behaviors. You know what? It worked! Not only did it work, but we also discovered some pretty amazing things that happened.

Not only do I advocate this same approach: talking out loud to your animal – because your animal will understand – I also advocate giving verbal human-level praise as the reward instead of treats: Rupert that was brilliant! I knew you could do it! I am so impressed. Animals love that kind of thing, just as much as  we do. Who would have thought that Victoria Stillwell would be coming out with this!

There are a lot of signs of hope: people are realizing that geoengineering is real and asking about it rather than scoffing. Many more people are getting active to help save people, animals and the earth. There are so many energy healing groups for the planet you could not count them.  These are the kinds of things that give me hope for the future.

And remember anything is possible…

Manifesting for 2016

Here is a great daily visualization exercise to do. You can substitute whatever you want for the lover part…like we save the earth, for example.

Last Two Days of the Holiday Special

Get in on the last two  days to get in on my holiday special rate. The discounted rate offer is good through Jan 1. Buy a session now, book it for later. Get $15 off my regular fee for a half hour reading, so pay $60 vs. $75. Purchase a gift for a friend or a reading for your animal or for yourself, or schedule a half hour session with me to take a guided shamanic journey to meet your animal guide. You can also get my expert help in a tutoring session to boost your animal communication skills. Have a happy holiday!

Beginning Classes Offered Jan and Feb 2016

I have two online beginning level classes coming up the first of this year:

Jan 12 and 19 – Beginning Animal Communication

Jan 21 and 28 – Talking with Your Own Animals (prereq. Beginning)

Sign up on my website and tell any friends or groups who might be interested. I offer these online about twice a year. The online option includes a call in or video. Each class also has two session options, 11 am or 6 pm pacific time. And in between each class you have homework to do, but fun homework.

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Possibly an easier question to answer would be what aren’t we being exposed to! Depending on where you live, you can be being exposed to a number of toxins. Exposure to toxins can occur through pharmaceuticals, vaccines, food, air, water, and soil.

Toxins In Food
For Humans
We are all potentially exposed to genetically modified (GM) foods and pesticides/herbicides in our food. GM food can cause cancer and other serious illnesses. I only buy organic and I grow my own veggies. You can grow in containers even in an apartment. Just make sure you use seeds that are organic.
For Animals
Most pet foods are genetically modified and many of the organic pet foods have had recalls or other problems. At this point I don’t trust the pet food companies anymore and I am making my own pet food. For my horses I do my best to stay away from GM feeds and hay that is GM or sprayed with herbicides.

Pharmaceutical Medicines and Vaccines
A lot has been written about this. I just try to completely stay away unless I absolutely can’t.

In Air/Soil/Water
What is in the air gets into the soil and into the water and vice versa. The earth is a closed system and toxins get distributed and can contaminate every part of the earth. This happened when Chernobyl melted down. It is happening now with radiation from Fukushima, and with the toxic mix from the Gulf of Mexico; toxins are spewing from the epicenters of these disasters and traveling around the world. Pesticide and herbicide use is widespread throughout the world, as is the use of fluoride in drinking water. And finally there is the aerial spraying of nanoparticulate metals in the undeclared and virtually undiscussed climate manipulation program that is occurring worldwide.

To find more about each of these toxins here are some resources.

Genetically Modified Organisms (e.g., GM Food) has been associated with a whole range of physical maladies.

Article on GM and allergies, antibiotic resistance, immune system failure, and cancer.

Article on GM and birth defects, obesity, digestive failure, and infertility.

Enenews is the best site to consult for information on radiation

Post on radiation in air currents

Post on radiation in ocean currents

Gulf of Mexico – Corexit and Synthia
My blogs from the time of the spill have lots of links. Here is one blog on the Gulf.

AP Photo

AP Photo Gulf Oil Spill

To see more just click on Gulf of Mexico in the tags in my blog to the right. The bottom line is that the Corexit is a planet sterilizer. Everyone knew that from Prince William Sound where the environment is still sterile and the workers exposed are all dead. Add to the corexit the synthetic microbe made by Monsanto and injected into the Gulf of Mexico sea floor, that is now mutating and causing the blue plague, deadly infections, now happening in the Gulf states. All of those toxins get into the evaporation, transpiration system and are being distributed globally.

Most people know the effects of these toxins. Dr. Mercola’s site and Natural News are good ones to explore. Just use the search button and you will find lots of articles
Sodium Fluoride (additive to drinking water, toothpaste, etc)

There are many adverse health effects to the body. An important one is that it calcifies the pineal gland which is critical to one’s ability to be intuitive.

Effects of fluoridation
Importance of pineal gland

Nanoparticulate Aerosol Spraying and Ionospheric Microwave Blasting Used for Climate Manipulation
I have written extensively about this on my blog. Here is a comprehensive blog entry for you to peruse.

climate control spraying

The very best site to subscribe to is this geoengineeringwatch.org   Read as much as you can about this. It is in my opinion the most important problem we have. We are being exposed to nanoparticulate aluminum in particular and we breathe it in with every breath. It is in the water and the soil and it is killing us, the animals, the biota and the planet.

I can’t tell you what to do. I can however tell you what I do. But I’m not saying amounts. You can research that for yourself.

There are a lot of ways to detox. Below are some things I have tried and liked.

Clay – Clay has a positive charge and the toxins in the body have a negative charge. The clay sweeps through the body and collects toxins that have accumulated. I take clay daily and also give it to my animals. I get bentonite clay from the health store or online. I always add a little fiber because clay can cause constipation.  article on use of clay

Juicing and Infrared Sauna – Both juicing and infrared sauna are good for detoxing. Make sure to drink the juice right away (loses potency otherwise) You can make your own infrared sauna.


article on infrared sauna and juicing

Cilantro – Cilantro is supposed to be a heavy metal detoxer. I put it in juices and in food. Article on cilantro

Spirulina and chlorella – Also supposed to be good for the immune system and detoxing

Apple Pectin – used as a detox agent in Chernobyl, attracts free radicals and heavy metals.

Milk thistle – I use this to detox the liver. I get it at the health store or online.

Bacteria viruses, fungus, molds, and cancer, cancer cells cannot grow in an alkaline environment. To alkalinize your body eat more veggies and avoid excess alcohol and caffeine, and reduce or eliminate processed carbohydrates, pharmaceuticals, red meat, and stress. Toxins also make your body acidic.



What I Do

• I squeeze real lemon into water, anytime I drink water. You can add cayenne pepper too. I use Stevia drops to sweeten.
• I use baking soda (Bob’s Red Mill from health food store as it has no aluminum in it) in a glass of water, am and pm on an empty stomach. Article on baking soda.
• I also use Body Rescue drops(from health store) in tea and coffee
• Apple cider vinegar is also good for alkalinizing (this is what I do for my animals). It is easy to make your own.


Here is What I Take

Chloroxygen – The climate manipulation spraying and ionospheric blasting are shredding the ozone layer. There is less oxygen available. Raising your oxygen level is critical and it helps you immune system. I use chloroxygen, which is chlorophyll and oxygen. You can get it at the health food store.

Magnesium citrate – I use this daily, it keeps aluminum from depositing in your body. Magnesium citrate is supposed to be the best most absorbable source of mg. I get at heath store as powder or cheaper on ebay. Signs of magnesium deficiency

Multi vitamin, mineral, probiotics, digestive enzymes and fermented foods – all good to support your system.

Iodine – Iodine protects the thyroid from radiation. I rub betadine on my tummy every morning and the iodine is absorbed through my skin. If you can find an unpolluted source of kelp you can use that to provide iodine.
Article on using iodine and health
Article on iodine and radiation

Here is What I Do
Yoga and exercise are recommended – I do yoga and slow heavy weight lifting.

(Thanks to Jeanne Brouillette for sending me a lot of this information which she got from this source )

Radiation and heavy metals are getting into the soil. Aluminum stunts the root growth. Plants and trees see it as a toxin and stop taking up water and nutrients and thereby die. For your garden there are some things you can do. I put UV plastic over my raised beds to keep out rain and water using groundwater only. I also do many of the suggestions in the article below for soil amendment and detoxification.

Here is a great article for how to protect your garden.

You can get the zeolite stall sweet here


Orgonite cloud buster to combat chem trails


Altogether another question. We are going to have to go out of the box to save this earth. I regularly post about this. Here are some of those posts.

How We View Our Time

Shifting Things

I do believe we can turn all this around. Anything is possible


Please share if you like this blog.


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