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Possibly an easier question to answer would be what aren’t we being exposed to! Depending on where you live, you can be being exposed to a number of toxins. Exposure to toxins can occur through pharmaceuticals, vaccines, food, air, water, and soil.

Toxins In Food
For Humans
We are all potentially exposed to genetically modified (GM) foods and pesticides/herbicides in our food. GM food can cause cancer and other serious illnesses. I only buy organic and I grow my own veggies. You can grow in containers even in an apartment. Just make sure you use seeds that are organic.
For Animals
Most pet foods are genetically modified and many of the organic pet foods have had recalls or other problems. At this point I don’t trust the pet food companies anymore and I am making my own pet food. For my horses I do my best to stay away from GM feeds and hay that is GM or sprayed with herbicides.

Pharmaceutical Medicines and Vaccines
A lot has been written about this. I just try to completely stay away unless I absolutely can’t.

In Air/Soil/Water
What is in the air gets into the soil and into the water and vice versa. The earth is a closed system and toxins get distributed and can contaminate every part of the earth. This happened when Chernobyl melted down. It is happening now with radiation from Fukushima, and with the toxic mix from the Gulf of Mexico; toxins are spewing from the epicenters of these disasters and traveling around the world. Pesticide and herbicide use is widespread throughout the world, as is the use of fluoride in drinking water. And finally there is the aerial spraying of nanoparticulate metals in the undeclared and virtually undiscussed climate manipulation program that is occurring worldwide.

To find more about each of these toxins here are some resources.

Genetically Modified Organisms (e.g., GM Food) has been associated with a whole range of physical maladies.

Article on GM and allergies, antibiotic resistance, immune system failure, and cancer.

Article on GM and birth defects, obesity, digestive failure, and infertility.

Enenews is the best site to consult for information on radiation

Post on radiation in air currents

Post on radiation in ocean currents

Gulf of Mexico – Corexit and Synthia
My blogs from the time of the spill have lots of links. Here is one blog on the Gulf.

AP Photo

AP Photo Gulf Oil Spill

To see more just click on Gulf of Mexico in the tags in my blog to the right. The bottom line is that the Corexit is a planet sterilizer. Everyone knew that from Prince William Sound where the environment is still sterile and the workers exposed are all dead. Add to the corexit the synthetic microbe made by Monsanto and injected into the Gulf of Mexico sea floor, that is now mutating and causing the blue plague, deadly infections, now happening in the Gulf states. All of those toxins get into the evaporation, transpiration system and are being distributed globally.

Most people know the effects of these toxins. Dr. Mercola’s site and Natural News are good ones to explore. Just use the search button and you will find lots of articles
Sodium Fluoride (additive to drinking water, toothpaste, etc)

There are many adverse health effects to the body. An important one is that it calcifies the pineal gland which is critical to one’s ability to be intuitive.

Effects of fluoridation
Importance of pineal gland

Nanoparticulate Aerosol Spraying and Ionospheric Microwave Blasting Used for Climate Manipulation
I have written extensively about this on my blog. Here is a comprehensive blog entry for you to peruse.

climate control spraying

The very best site to subscribe to is this geoengineeringwatch.org   Read as much as you can about this. It is in my opinion the most important problem we have. We are being exposed to nanoparticulate aluminum in particular and we breathe it in with every breath. It is in the water and the soil and it is killing us, the animals, the biota and the planet.

I can’t tell you what to do. I can however tell you what I do. But I’m not saying amounts. You can research that for yourself.

There are a lot of ways to detox. Below are some things I have tried and liked.

Clay – Clay has a positive charge and the toxins in the body have a negative charge. The clay sweeps through the body and collects toxins that have accumulated. I take clay daily and also give it to my animals. I get bentonite clay from the health store or online. I always add a little fiber because clay can cause constipation.  article on use of clay

Juicing and Infrared Sauna – Both juicing and infrared sauna are good for detoxing. Make sure to drink the juice right away (loses potency otherwise) You can make your own infrared sauna.


article on infrared sauna and juicing

Cilantro – Cilantro is supposed to be a heavy metal detoxer. I put it in juices and in food. Article on cilantro

Spirulina and chlorella – Also supposed to be good for the immune system and detoxing

Apple Pectin – used as a detox agent in Chernobyl, attracts free radicals and heavy metals.

Milk thistle – I use this to detox the liver. I get it at the health store or online.

Bacteria viruses, fungus, molds, and cancer, cancer cells cannot grow in an alkaline environment. To alkalinize your body eat more veggies and avoid excess alcohol and caffeine, and reduce or eliminate processed carbohydrates, pharmaceuticals, red meat, and stress. Toxins also make your body acidic.



What I Do

• I squeeze real lemon into water, anytime I drink water. You can add cayenne pepper too. I use Stevia drops to sweeten.
• I use baking soda (Bob’s Red Mill from health food store as it has no aluminum in it) in a glass of water, am and pm on an empty stomach. Article on baking soda.
• I also use Body Rescue drops(from health store) in tea and coffee
• Apple cider vinegar is also good for alkalinizing (this is what I do for my animals). It is easy to make your own.


Here is What I Take

Chloroxygen – The climate manipulation spraying and ionospheric blasting are shredding the ozone layer. There is less oxygen available. Raising your oxygen level is critical and it helps you immune system. I use chloroxygen, which is chlorophyll and oxygen. You can get it at the health food store.

Magnesium citrate – I use this daily, it keeps aluminum from depositing in your body. Magnesium citrate is supposed to be the best most absorbable source of mg. I get at heath store as powder or cheaper on ebay. Signs of magnesium deficiency

Multi vitamin, mineral, probiotics, digestive enzymes and fermented foods – all good to support your system.

Iodine – Iodine protects the thyroid from radiation. I rub betadine on my tummy every morning and the iodine is absorbed through my skin. If you can find an unpolluted source of kelp you can use that to provide iodine.
Article on using iodine and health
Article on iodine and radiation

Here is What I Do
Yoga and exercise are recommended – I do yoga and slow heavy weight lifting.

(Thanks to Jeanne Brouillette for sending me a lot of this information which she got from this source )

Radiation and heavy metals are getting into the soil. Aluminum stunts the root growth. Plants and trees see it as a toxin and stop taking up water and nutrients and thereby die. For your garden there are some things you can do. I put UV plastic over my raised beds to keep out rain and water using groundwater only. I also do many of the suggestions in the article below for soil amendment and detoxification.

Here is a great article for how to protect your garden.

You can get the zeolite stall sweet here


Orgonite cloud buster to combat chem trails


Altogether another question. We are going to have to go out of the box to save this earth. I regularly post about this. Here are some of those posts.

How We View Our Time

Shifting Things

I do believe we can turn all this around. Anything is possible


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How We View Our Time

How We View Our Time

There is so much wrong in the world and it is so horrendous.  In the course of working to wake people up to the issue of climate manipulation, I have heard a lot of philosophical takes on our time. Here are a few:

  • there is nothing we can do, so I don’t really want to know or hear about what is wrong
  •  if you give attention to what is wrong it makes it grow
  • what you are saying (about climate manipulation, or the Gulf, or Fukishima) is wrong and could not be true- you will have to prove it to me
  • thanks so much for doing something about it
  • well at least if we die off the earth can go on and hopefully thrive once again without us
  • we are all ascending and the earth is evolving , this is all natural

My responses to the above:  There just may be something we can do, so for the planet we must try until we die; we owe the earth our assistance for all she has done and still does for us. How is the earth dying any different from finding out you have cancer? Would you not look for a way to survive? As for not giving attention. That is not how manifesting works. You start where you are and acknowledge it, then you manifest for things to change. So go ahead and dowse and do energy healing for things to change, but don’t ignore that the earth is dying… she deserves more than that from us. It is not my job to lead somone by the hand and prove things. People have got to do their own research on this and find out for themselves that it is true. See below for a place to start with your research.When people thank me for what I am doing and do nothing themselves it is a cop out… and the earth is in dire threat of dying. No one can opt out of this and expect to have their life just continue on. We could all be dead in a year or less if the ice caps melt completely. As far as the earth being fine without us, I would not bet on that. If a venus syndrome is triggered, temperatures on the surface could go to 800 degrees. And if  the evil agents who are behind all this some how manage to survive and reclaim the earth, then the earth would  be in the hands of the worst possible managers one could imagine. As for the ‘this is normal and how things should be’ – that is just new age mumbo jumbo cop out.  The earth does not deserve for us to turn our backs on her in her hour of need. She has never done that to us.


Update on Geoengineering…. aka Putting the Earth in a Straight Jacket

Bat Photo – The photo at the top of the blog shows bats with nose fungus. This disease is wiping out the bats all over the world and is likely caused by the nanoparticulate spraying that is going on day in day out of metals and other toxins. There is no mask that can block these chemicals out and they acidify our bodies and the environment which is leading to heightened fungal growth in the environment and in plants and animals.

I have been studying climate manipulation (aka geoengineering) for over a year, and I now believe that it is  most dire threat to this planet, aside from all out nuclear war. Bigger than Fukushima, fracking and the corexit in the Gulf, climate tampering is taking  us to the brink. Most people are not even aware of the magnitude of the problem,  or they consider the issue a conspiracy theory, even though there is ample proof of the fact that climate manipulation is going on all over the world every day, and the fact that it is damaging the earth, perhaps beyond repair.

The best site I  have found for information is    http://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/

Dane Wignington, the researcher who founded the site, has described geoengineering as putting the earth in a straight jacket: the earth can do nothing to balance things or try to go back to normal; everything about the weather now is controlled. In essence the players behind all this have managed to become gods and have put the earth in a straight jacket –  the entire global climate system is shut down.

If you go to his site you will find ample evidence (there is a search section) to prove this is happening:

  • results from  samples for environmental media (snow , lichen, soil, water) and humans (blood, hair, etc) showing elevated levels ve chemicals like Aluminum and Cadmium have been sprayed in the atmosphere
  •  documentation of spraying taken in the air flying next to a spray tanker
  • thousands of photos of spraying taken by private citizens all over the world and posted on social media
  • satellite pictures of tampering with the upper atmosphere.

We all have the proof of out own eyes that the skies are not what they used to be.

We are  now on a trajectory to create a runaway greenhouse effect and the venus syndrome – which means the earth will not be able to deal with the methane coming from the melting ice caps and temperatures will just keep rising.

In my next blog I will go into the why and who of all this, but for now people just need to get it that this is happening and not some theory put forward by unscientific silly people. And people have to get active.


What We Can Do

1.  Educate yourself. Dane’s site has most of the information you need.

2.  Wake people up. share info, videos from Dane’s site. Print out his handouts (all are excellent)  and take with you to give to people. Use his template to get some cards made and take them with you , hand out wherever you go. Also share Dane’s posts on social media. Talk to all your friends. We may not have much time to turn this around… if we can.

3.  Check out the world protest April 25 and go to one if there is a protest in your area. Otherwise, go to an earth day event and hand out flyers and cards.  http://globalmarchagainstchemtrailsandgeoengineering.com/events

4. Pray , do energy healing, use manifesting, do dowsing… I updated my dowsing instructions so see my last blog for that.





Shifting Things….



You can dowse to shift the energy for anything you want to change in life. For example:

•    Health
•    Business
•    Neighbors
•    Animals
•    Property

You can dowse to shift what is going on in the world and to the earth. You can also dowse to find water, and anything lost. You can dowse a map to find where a lost animal is.
The dowsing techniques I have been studying are from Raymon Grace, an old time dowser from Virginia. He has books and cds that you can purchase from his website and a series of youtubes you can watch for free. http://www.raymongrace.us/  Raymon has been successful in dowsing to lower crime, get rid of serial killers and rapists, and detoxify water. So it is certainly worth the effort ( a minute or so a day) to dowse for your project.
The reference I used for dowsing  for water and lost objects is the book, Dowsing for Beginners, by Richard Webster
I recommend dowsing daily for your own project and also for the earth.
Basic yes and no dowsing:

Here is  short video by Raymon on how to dowse:

Here is another I found on youtube about how to use a pendulum to get a yes or no response (It is not the best – for example,  it doesn’t take months to get the hang of it, more like a minute…and you are accessing the world of spirit, not your subconscious – but there aren’t any good youtubes on this amazingly). My pendulum swings front to back  to indicate yes,  and side to side for no.

Dowsing protocol:
You should only dowse for the positive, not to bring harm to anyone or anything. Dowsing protocol is to ask permission before working to shift something. This link explains that and how to do it:


Once you have permission to dowse follow these steps ( I put this  together from Ramon Grace’s books and tapes) . When dowsing you are asking the Spirit Guides to help you with whatever your project is. The first round of dowsing will be to remove and clear. To do that you will start your pendulum going in a counterclockwise circle, then let it circle as long as it wants. I say,  show me “yes” when you are done (sometimes this can take a few minutes but usually it is quick). To bring in the positive shift, the pendulum should circle clockwise. I wait again for the pendulum to swing yes to see when it is finished.

Yes and No Dowsing:
You can ask yes or no for any question you can come up with. Here are some examples:
•    Is this supplement good for me
•    Is this a good technique to use for healing
•    Is this the right professional to use for this job
•    Is this the best way to do this
Dowsing for Your Project:

Ask Permission  – Can I, May I , Should I …..
As you dowse for a project, you will alternate between remove, neutralize and scramble and bring in…
Remove/Neutralize/Scramble: (counterclockwise circle with pendulum)
Bring In What You Want: (clockwise circle with pendulum)
•    Remove negative energy from past (events,, lingering negative energy, ancestral karma,)
•    Now turn all that negative energy into ….

•    Neutralize any negative beliefs (e.g. victim mentality) or negative feelings (e.g. anger, fear)  that may be adversely affecting me and my project
•    Now turn all that negative energy into love and positive outcomes

•    Ask the spirit doctors to remove any evil or entities that may be adversely affecting you and your project. Ask that these be treated accordingly and taken to the place they belong where all harm is neutralized.

•    Now turn all that negative energy into pure love.

•    Neutralize any curses that may have been put on me and my project.
•    Now turn all that negative energy into love and positive outcomes

•    Neutralize any geopathic stressors affecting me and my project (including astrological influences, vortices and anything in the electromagnetic field, underground watercourses)
•    Now turn all that negative energy into positive energy

•    Remove all other obstacles to me achieving my project; repel all negative energy and negative people from me and my project
•    Bring in only the best energy and people for me and my project

Note: for each thing you remove you can ask the pendulum to turn that negative stuff into… pur love, success, whatever positive thing you want. Then have the pendulum go clockwise to do that and tell it to show you when done. Then go to the next negative thing…

Note: For things like toxins in the environment and diseases in the body, Raymon asks that the frequencies of those agents be scrambled and the frequency of …. the body, the water, the soil …whatever you are trying to improve… be adjusted to a pure and healthy state .

Adjusting Frequencies

Testing Energy  (pendulum swings front to back over a number)

from http://www.dsv.org.au/index.shtml

Use the chart to ask questions like
•    What is the condition of my health
•    What is the honesty of this person
•    What is the result if I take this action.
•    What is the truth of this statement or content of website etc.

The way Ramon uses it -100 % would be no pain and +100 % would be total pain

If you get a negative result, for example, your health is at 70% and you want it to be 100%, ask the pendulum to reset the frequency of your health to a higher level . The pendulum should start swinging front and back over a higher level. Do that til you get it to 100%

Bring In What You Want: (clockwise circle with pendulum)
•    Ask to turn all negative energies found into pure love and……(e.g. health and vitality or prosperity…etc depending on your project)
•    Balance the polarity
•    Adjust the frequency of health, integrity, prosperity etc to highest best level
•    Bring in only the best energy and people for me and my project
•    Raise the level of visibility and attractiveness of me, business, and or project
Each day, thank the Spirit Guides for their help and say out loud what you want as if you already have it.If you can it is best to dowse every day, especially for big projects. It should only take a few minutes.

Here is a video of someone using rods to test and then raise the energy of an office. You can do this with a pendulum too.
Geopathic Energies


Here is what I wrote for working on the climate change issue

Remove: (counterclockwise circle with pendulum)
•    scramble the frequency and neutralize all pollutants that have been put in the air, water and soil
•    scramble and neutralize all destructive climate control activities
•    scramble and neutralize all emotions of greed and power that are harming the earth

Bring In: (clockwise circle with pendulum)
•    restore normal sunlight and ozone and repair the ionosphere
•    adjust the frequency of the air to that of pure air
•    adjust the frequency of the water to that of pure water
•    raise the level of the life force of the air and water  to 100 %
•    Invite  the Spirit of Respect to be in the air,  rain,  and snow and allow it to positively affect humans
•    Bring all people into full awareness of the threats to the earth and activate people to save the planet


Installing a Program

Installing a program means suggesting to your subconscious to think, feel and or act in a different more positive way. For example, if you want to exercise more but just aren’t doing it, you can install a program for that.
Steps to Install a Program
•    Write out in words what you want to install. For example: Please install a program for me to love to exercise and to do it consistently and easily every day.
•    Ask , should I, may I , can I install this program in myself.
•    Then begin dowsing clockwise to bring in the new program.
•    Then ask the pendulum to install the program and read the program you wrote down.
•    Let the pendulum be swinging in your peripheral vision, clockwise to bring in the program. Have it at the periphery rather than right in front of you as you read the program.



The Sheep Look Up

That was the title of a great science fiction novel. It is also what we sheep are finally doing: looking up and seeing the tic tac toes.

We need to seriously get this. Look for lines in the sky like the ones above, these are trails of metal particulates (aka chem trails) being sprayed into the sky by  planes specifically fitted for this. These lines of spray then fan out and cover the sky in particulate haze. This is not jet con trails. If you see a plane making a long white line across the sky get your binoculars; you should be able to see multiple lines of spray coming out each side of the plane.


The inside of the climate engineering planes is fitted for holding the particulate spray. Here is a photo of one of these planes spraying.

Spraying toxic particulates is now done by governments all over the world, ostensibly to combat global warming.

Climate control also includes use of microwave installations  (called HAARP installations) to heat up the ionosphere.  To understand this please take the time now to watch this short movie promo:

You might also want to listen to this interview by Oliver Stone’s son, Sean Stone,  with Dane Wigington, an expert on climate engineering, and founder of the geoengineeringwatch.org website: http://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/filmmaker-sean-stone-covers-climate-engineering/

The information in these vides is critical to understanding what is being done to the earth right now by Monsanto and the top money interests in the world.


The short list of what is happening because of this:

  • every time we take a breath we are breathing in nanoparticulates of metals, aluminum, boron, strontium and now fluoride. These cause cancer, ADD alzheimers, asthma….
  • over 200 species are going extinct daily
  • in California, for example, we have lost 90% of the aquatic insects, because when it rains many of the toxins sprayed into the atmosphere come down in the rain.
  • surface waters are now highly toxic for aluminum, among other elements
  • soil is becoming toxic to plants, the ozone depletion and uv increase are frying plants and trees
  • the perps doing this have shifted the polar vortex, on purpose, melting the arctic, killing arctic species, freezing the US and killing species
  • the ozone layer is being destroyed, uv is off the charts and the amount of sunlight we are getting is cut by over 20%
  • the oceans are becoming uninhabitable for life
  • the planet is dying from the smallest creatures on up and we are not seeing it…

Listen to the above interview for the details and go to geoengineeringwatch.org for the research data. This is not speculation. You can’t run from this. Living in Iceland doesn’t save you. There are HAARP installations everywhere now and spraying is done everywhere.  Our earth is a bubble and what is being sprayed into our bubble has no way to naturally dissipate and become non toxic… it just builds up and up all over the planet.

Climate change through human use of oil and coal etc is real, but what we are seeing now is all a manipulation of the climate and weather. Some say there is a sinister agenda behind these practices, but discussing that is somewhat irrelevant. If we don’t stop this now, we will not be in a position to do so. If it was ever  well-intentioned, this experiment has gone seriously awry and now is killing the earth. Global climate extremes – the droughts, some of the earthquakes (i.e. those not cause by fracking) super storms, and the movement of the polar vortex – are not caused by anything regular people are doing, they are being caused by world wide climate engineering:  particulate spraying and and ionospheric heating through the use of HAARP.

If you go to the geoengineeringwatch.org website you will find tons of information and thorough documentation of this. Here is a link from the site about HAARP and how it is creating drought and melting the arctic:   http://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/?s=haarp

How Can We Stop Climate Engineering?

1.  Get the word out, end the silence and the cover up:  share the geoengineeringwatch.org website,  share a video from the site, share this blog, write  about this issue on your social network sites and link to one of the videos. And donate  to geoengineeringwatch.org: http://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/

2.  Get this app that lets you photo and send a pic of chemtrails to your local representatives.  http://www.skyderalert.com/

3.  Contact local, regional and national government representatives by phone, email, in person and by mail. Tell them this has to stop now.

4 . Do energy work to shift this situation.  There are lots of ways to do this, one is energy healing if you know how, another is manifesting. One simple tactic is dowsing with a pendulum, which is explained below.


You can dowse to shift the energy for anything you want to change in life… including climate engineering. The dowsing techniques I have been studying are from Raymon Grace, an old time dowser from Virginia. He has books and cds that you can purchase from his website and a series of youtubes you can watch for free. http://www.raymongrace.us/  Raymon has been successful in dowsing to lower crime, get rid of serial killers and rapists, and detoxify water. So it is certainly worth the effort ( a minute or so a day) to dowse to help counteract climate engineering.

Basic yes and no dowsing:

Here is  short video by Ramon on how to dowse: http://www.raymongraceprojects.com/dowsing.htm

Here is anther I found on youtube about how to use a pendulum to get a yes or no response (It is not the best – for example,  it doesn’t take months to get the hang of it, more like a minute…and you are accessing the world of spirit, not your subconscious – but there aren’t any good youtubes on this amazingly). My pendulum swings front to back  to indicate yes,  and side to side for no. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vlHIcg1aadg

Dowsing to help counteract climate manipulation:

Dowsing protocol is to ask permission before working to shift something. This link explains that and how to do it:  http://www.thegoldenpendulum.com/Dowsing.html

Once you have permission to dowse follow these steps (that I put together from Ramon Grace’s books and tapes) . When dowsing you are asking the Spirit Guides to help you with whatever your project is. The first round of dowsing will be to remove and clear. To do that you will start your pendulum going in a counterclockwise circle, then let it circle as long as it wants. I say,  show me “yes” when you are done (sometimes this can take a few minutes but usually it is quick). To bring in the positive shift, the pendulum should circle clockwise. I wait again for the pendulum to swing yes to see when it is finished.

Remove: (counterclockwise circle with pendulum)

  • scramble the frequency and neutralize all pollutants that have been put in the air, water and soil
  • scramble and neutralize all destructive climate control activities
  • scramble and neutralize all emotions of greed and power that are harming the earth

Bring In: (clockwise circle with pendulum)


  • restore normal sunlight and ozone and repair the ionosphere
  • adjust the frequency of the air to that of pure air
  • adjust the frequency of the water to that of pure water
  • raise the level of the life force of the air and water  to 100 %
  • Invite  the Spirit of Respect to be in the air,  rain,  and snow and allow it to positively affect humans
  • Bring all people into full awareness of the threats to the earth and activate people to save the planet

Thank the Spirit Guides for their help.

Do This Daily

Do this every day; it should only take a few minutes. And get active in the movement to expose this crisis.

Thanks and pass this on if you like it.



I put forward a theory in my second book, Beyond Words, that ancient cultures used intuition routinely for communicating with animals and nature, and that a reverence for animals and nature were implicit in ancient cultures. I supported that theory with evidence from research I did into ancient culture, intuition, and the connection to animals and the earth. Part of that research included the work of anthropologist Marija Gimbutas and her colleague, Buffie Johnson. If you have not read Buffie’s book, The Lady of the Beasts, it is a must read. More pictures than text, it shows you the modern take over of ancient earth and nature culture through an examination of the way artifacts changed over many centuries.

In the end,  you will be able to clearly see how modern culture and modern religion completely subsumed and negated the earth worshiping cultures of our ancient ancestors. Here is a nice summary of Marija’s work and links to her books:  http://www.belili.org/marija/aboutmarija.html


My Beagle would probably do this if I had a piano…LOL


Daily Temperature Reading

This is a great technique to use to help improve communication with partners, friends, relatives and even co workers. It is designed for use in couples but could easily be adapted for use with anyone you want to have a better relationship with. I have found, as an animal communicator, that I have had to collect techniques that can help people change and heal too, because often for the animal to get better the animal’s person has to improve.  This is just one of the many ideas I have collected over the years and regularly share with clients. Try it and see how you like it. (from the Pairs.com website)



Before and After

 Practice Group

I  have a practice group coming up on November 4th, 11 am by skype, and 6 pm by phone, Pacific time. If you have taken a beginning class you can join. If not you can do a beginning session with me before the 4th by phone or skype and then join. I am also teaching an online class that starts Nov 12 on Talking with Horses. A beginning course is required for that class too. Sign up for my classes at my website. http://martawilliams.com/WorkshopSchedule.htm


Holiday Special

Starting at Thanksgiving I will be offering my holiday special rates through Christmas ($60 vs 75 for 30 min). You might consider purchasing a consultation for a friend or relative for a gift, or one or more of my four books. I will send you a gift certificate by email to print and wrap as a present if you like.


Share this blog if you like it….

Stay tuned for the next blog, for November:  New ways to help the animals and the earth.


Seems like every time I turn around some other commercial pet food has crashed and burned and is no longer a good bet for my pets. I just found out that Natural Balance sold out… repeat… SOLD OUT… to Del Monte. At this point, allegedly, ingredients in Natural Balance are coming from the Pet Killer capital of the world, China. No thanks!   And one of my students was feeding her cat Blue Buffalo and her cat died from it. She says Blue Buffalo won’t recall or give her the time of day. Wellness sold out to Proctor and Gamble a long time ago.  In general, I don’t trust pet foods not to be using fish from the Gulf. If you have read my past posts on the Gulf, you will know what a toxic death mess it has become. And the Gulf is not a bathtub, that crap is now traveling all over the world.  With non stop radiation streaming into the Pacific Ocean from Fukushima, I just don’t feel safe to buy any fish from anywhere, period.

A while ago my animals got sick on Taste of the Wild, and two of my cats died from eating Nutros a few years ago. That is why I say feed your animals whole organic ingredients, cooked or raw, (just no cooked bones), do good supplements, and forget about commercial food.

Now we come to horses… way more tricky. How do you get organic hay and organic feed ? It is pretty easy to get organic grains and vitamins etc, but much harder to find organic hay and organic hay pellets. With horses you may just have to try to avoid the worst stuff. At this point that would be anything that is heavily sprayed with pesticides, and anything that is genetically modified like beet pulp and alfalfa. Another issue with alfalfa is that it can mineralize in the gut and form enteroliths; which will kill your horse. Any doubt see the photo below and read this article:  http://americashorsedaily.com/chronic-colic-may-mean-enteroliths/#.U9e0IGd0wiA

In southern California, horses are becoming severely ill and dying. Is is suspected that this is from alfalfa hay grown on sewage sludge. Really??? Welcome to our world.


Make the effort to protect your animals…find out where things come from and how they were grown. Go organic whenever you can. And, heads up, you need to be going all organic  for yourself as well.                 HELL NO GMO!


Still Room in Animal Communication Intensive Training Aug 15 – 19 , Middletown CA

There is still room in my Intensive Training in Intuitive Communication with Animals and Nature this coming August 15 through 19. This is a great way to jump start your ability.  If you would like to attend, please call me or email: 707 987 1092, marta@martawilliams.com.

Healing Our Earth

I have had a number of emails about using healing energy and positive visualizing to help address the dangers of the radiation being poured into the oceans by the Fukushima power plant. I figure it can’t hurt, might help to do so. The suggestion is as follows:

Each day at noon, spend five minutes in meditation, visualization, and prayer to help heal the planet, the waters, the plants and the animals.  Send love to all parts of the earth. Visualize everything on earth as healthy, vibrant  and thriving, Just do it … we don’t have to know the way this can be accomplished, you are just setting the energy for thing to shift.



Anyone can learn to communicate intuitively with animals and nature because we are all born with the ability. Along the way to adulthood it gets suppressed by societal taboos. For adults in most cultures today to follow your intuitive hits and hunches is deemed silly, childish, illogical, and something that only women do. The good news is you can recapture your ability fairly easily. There are some tricks to getting around all your cultural conditioning – that voice in your head that tells you that everything you are getting is made up, wrong, stupid, silly, and/or not logical….

After I learned how to do this, over 20 years ago, I set myself the task of learning how to teach this ability so that people could pick it up quickly with a minimum of frustration, blocks, or set backs. I now teach techniques that make it easy and ensure your success. No one goes away from my classes saying they didn’t get it or can’t do it.

When you study with me you have options: you can take classes from me in person, or attend my online teleclasses and phone classes, work with me individually by phone, in person or by Skype, or host me to come and teach a workshop in your area.  If you want to  learn intuitive communication  I would recommend you take my Professional Program. It is designed for those who want to be work as Animal Communicators full or part time, and for anyone who wants to  become adept to use the ability to help animals in any capacity.

Professional Program for Animal Communicators

In my Professional Program  you will take the following Core Curriculum classes that I offer:

Core Curriculum:  Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced Animal Communication, Medical Intuition and Energy Healing, Finding Lost Animals, Talking with Wildlife and Nature, Intuitive Animal Training, Animals as Teachers and Healers/Mirroring Between Animals and People, Death and Beyond, Talking with Horses, Counseling Animals and Their People.

In addition to taking the Core Curriculum courses, you will commit to performing and recording 60 case studies. You can do this within your own time frame as quickly or slowly as you need to proceed. During the course of  your case study work you will report back to me every 20 cases with details of your progress. We will assess how you are doing and, if needed, we will set up a private tutoring session to address any blocks or problems you experience. My hourly fees apply for this time.

If you want to jump start your career in this field I have a Week Long Intensive coming up August 15 – 19 in Middletown, CA that still has some spaces open. My classes are listed on my website.


The World Has Become a Very Strange Place Indeed in Just a Few Short Years

Obama turned out to be the biggest disappointment of a lifetime for many of us. Now we face toxins and despots at every turn. Our economy and environment are in shreds, particularly in the US. It is like this is the testing ground, if it works here export it …. Fracking, Corexit, nuclear drift that no one does anything to stop.

For me the death of the Gulf, fracking, and Fukushima pretty much put the lid on this country. Here is a recent post by Mike Papantonio about the Gulf:

And here is a movie from the women of Fukushima about that fubar mess:


The questions is as always what to do? Answer: any and every the hell thing you can think of… and think outside the box.


Share Your Cool Websites

Here are some cool ones I found lately:



Use the comments section of the blog to tell your some of the cool websites you have found.


Still Seeking Perfect Home

I’m still looking for the perfect home for Jiordi, who was dumped with his brother, starving on my road three months ago. I can keep one, not both. Jiordi

is a one year old Basenji mix, 10 lb. Jiordi is great with people and kids. He loves to play with dogs, is good with cats (but will still chase them if they run).  He is very smart, house trained, and likes to go in a crate. He could turn into a great hiking, biking, and/ or horseback riding companion. Looking for someone who does holistic care and feeding who will take very good care of him forever.


Play Dead

Well if the shite hits it… you can always do what Bailey does:

Oh, and if you just want to surf, go to you tube and put in stupid pet tricks david letterman… hours and hours…


Goodbye Carol!

The world lost a great person recently, well we are losing more and more lately… Carol Upton was a good one who left too early and most of us didn’t get to say goodbye. I met Carol at a class I taught in BC. She turned out to be a publicist for animal book authors and a bibliophile. I ended up working with

Carol to promote my books, and got great ideas and help from her. Carol also has a story in my latest book,  My Animal My Self, of how her dog was her healer and helped her recover from cancer surgery. Dear Carol you are missed and you were loved. Hope you are having a blast in the land of spirit.


If you like this blog please share it.

New Ways to Manifest…

I have discovered a couple of new techniques for how to manifest – methods for bringing about the changes you want to have for yourself and for the world.

These two ideas are from a book by Karen Rauch Carter, Make a Shift Change Your Life.
Her website is:   http://www.karenrauchcarter.com/

  • Write a Dream Diary every day. Write what your day will be that day as if everything you want is already true, including what you want for the world. Karen says her clients who do this consistently see things coming true by week 7.
  • Put  a note in the Helpful People section of your house giving thanks for whatever you want to have come true. The Helpful People section of the house is the far right corner as you walk in your front entrance. For example, if you want to save the wild horses, you can write, “Thanks to all those who helped turn the tide and save and protect the wild horses forever.”

Let it Be Easy…

This practice uses EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). Tapping the ‘karate chop’ part of your hand (the part you would use to chop a brick, if you were so inclined). Tap with  the fingertips of your other hand and say, “”let it be easy.” Do this whenever you think something is going to be hard or impossible to accomplish.

Get the Universe to Help

Pose the question to the Universe:  ‘What would it take to have this happen (this being whatever goal you have for yourself or for the  world.) Then let the universe provide the answer. Pay attention and see what happens to help you attain that goal.The Universe will go to work on it.

Here is additional info on manifesting:

Come up with a catch phrase for what you want. Make your phrase short and make it really grab you.. so work on it until you really like it , how it sounds, how short and easy it is to say, how it makes you feel, … change it until it is perfec .  Also make your phrase in the present tense as if it has already happened. If you make it future , like I will get a great job, it never happens.

When ever you think of what you want, or start to think about how much you don’t have what you want.. just cancel all those negative thoughts and think or say  the positive short phrase. Each day spend a minute or two imagining what you want with all your senses. Focus especially on how you would feel and what you would think. Make sure to acknowledge if good changes happen, don’t treat as a coincidence, realize it was because of what you did.



Here are some opportunities:

June 7 & 8 – Workshops in Cerritos , in Southern California

June 14 & 15 – Workshops in the Woodlands near Houston Texas

July 26 -Workshops in Windsor,CA plus pool party

August 15 – 17  – Weekend Intensive, Middletown CA

These courses are listed on my website and you can sign up there to attend. Get back to me if you have questions, and feel free to tell others who might be interested.    http://martawilliams.com/


If You Touch That Faucet One More Time…


Not Quite Silent Spring

Google had a link recently to honor the birth of author and environmental activist Rachel Carson. She was the one who wrote the book Silent Spring, now 50 years old, to warn the world that toxins will end up killing everything in the food chain and, with enough toxins,  the bees and birds will not be heard in spring. If she were here today she would be horrified. We have almost gotten to silent spring. If you are blissfully unaware of

this, just spend a few days checking the daily stories at enenews.com. For example, check out this story:


I have seen about 80% reduction in all wildlife species in my area. The question for me is not, is this really happening; my question is why is everyone flat out ignoring it? The answer has to be fear and the knowledge that nothing we have done in the past to change things will work now. That’s why I write about manifesting and energy healing and using orgonite (see last blog). I truly have no clue what to do and I hope somehow those things will help.

The emporer’s new clothes and the elephant in the living room are Fukushima (now allegedly sinking into the sea with its equivalent of thousands of nuclear bombs of plutonium), and Corexit, which the EPA is STILL spraying in the Gulf, and which is responsible for the death of sea upwelling that is the equivalent of the womb of the earth. You can search enenews or  my past blogs for information  on both of these situations.

I have not given up hope that somehow we can turn this all around, but in honor of all the wild animals who are dying in the millions right now, I will not ignore or play down what is happening.

Words of Wisdom from Deep Ecologist and Author, Joanna Macy

 …the work that I do in groups is originally was called despair work, despair and empowerment, then it was called deep ecology work because we found that by honoring our despair and not trying to cement it over or talk it away or privatize it into some personal pathology, we found that that was- that pain for our world was a gateway into our full vitality and to our connection with all life. So the other side of that pain for our world is a love for our world that is bigger than you would ever guess from looking at what this civilization posits as the good life. A love so raw, so ancient, so deep that you know that if you get in touch with that, you can just ride it; you can just be there and it doesn’t matter. Then nothing can stop you. But to get to that, you gotta stop being afraid of hurting. The price of reaching that is tears and outrage, because the tears and the power to keep on going, they come from the same source. It’s like two sides of the same coin. I do believe that.


Re Vegan Dogs and Cats?

What do you think of a dog or cat being on a vegan diet?    http://v-dog.com/products/v-dog-kibble


Many of my clients and students are incredibly talented. Here are a few who sent me links to their beautiful animals and nature work.


Christine De Camp



Joni McKim



Frankie Picasso




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