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 Here are some questions sent in by readers and my responses: Q:   I keep coming up with one question in my mind about when we talk to the animals.  First of all, I need no convincing that animals are extremely intelligent – I’ve know this for years!  I read in another intuitive communication book by [...]

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I got an email from a woman who said she’d been skeptical about how all this works, but was becoming convinced of the accuracy when working with living animals. She could not understand, however, how one could prove an intuitive connection with an animal that had died. Great question! I believe that intuitive communication is connecting with [...]

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Home Again

Sorry for the disappearing blog act. I was away teaching, lost my login, and then got a bad cold so I could only do so much in a day. I had a great trip and galloped on the beach in Vlieland, an island in the North of Holland. Really fun. I manifested the photo at [...]

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I got some chickens….

And I thought they would be so fun to have and easy to take care of. I had no idea. First I couldn’t get them to eat. Then they wouldn’t come off the nests, not to drink, eat, nothing. I’d take one off the nest and her legs would be so numb she couldn’t stand. Then I [...]

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