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One of the things you have to do when you are learning intuitive communication is to ask verifiable questions of an animal and get feedback from the animal’s person. But dont be too quick to judge yourself if the person says the information is wrong or impossible. You were talking to the animal not the [...]

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since my last post. I got delayed because my dog got injured then I got sick -  we’re both better now.  So this will be a long post to make up for the hiatus. Hope you enjoy it. If you like my blog, you might want to go to my site and sign up for my [...]

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Are you in denial?

…about what is going on in the Gulf? Do you really believe most of the oil is cleaned up and everything is recovering? Or have you decided to just ignore it because it’s too upsetting and you don’t think you can help?  Well, I have just two words for you…. “Stop” (new word) “It!” Watch the brilliant “Stop [...]

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Why Is It….

I asked myself….. that more people aren’t calling and emailing about the spill? Why aren’t people in the streets about this? I think there are a few possible reasons: – the spill is perceived as a local, albeit large, disaster that wont touch you if you are not in Alabama, Florida, Georgia or Louisiana (this [...]

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