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Everyone can communicate intuitively with animals.  Class taught by Marta Williams, author of Learning Their Language. Class starts March 4 and meets again on March 11. You will do a case study with another student by email in the week in between. Session options are 11am or 6 pm pacific. Register on website. https://www.martawilliams.com/classes/


If you have been thinking about trying this, now is the time. Learn Marta’s  unique techniques for how to communicate intuitively with animals. Please pass on to any friends who might be interested .




Happy Holidays

There is still time to take advantage of my holiday specials:

15 $ off on a half hour consult (100 normal, 85 discount)

$500 off my Master Program

Offers good through end of the year.


Here are some of my favorite holiday videos

Done by Andrew Grantham. who is, sadly , if I am not mistaken, deceased.

Such a loss. He was a genious.


The Animals Sing the 12 Days of Christmas


The Animals of YouTube sing Jingle Bells



The Animals of YouTube sing Up On the Rooftop



Wait there’s more



And here are his videos

Spend all day


If you got bitten by the bug, look up, welcome to Canada





Life Hacks

Life does not go in a straight line.

It helps to have help along the way. Here are some things I have found to be helpful in navigating the twists and turns. Tell me what you do.










Aging and health

Eat only organic (grow your own in containers if need be)

Do yoga and slow weight lifting

Face yoga – better than botox!

Intermittent fasting – look it up online, it is really good for you

Develop nitrous oxide in body –


Build immune system  – Medicinal mushrooms. chloroxygen





Modesto milling (in U.S.)  has low carb organic horse feed

Dr Depaolo , a horse vet in Tx . He will work with you by phone. He has a colloidal silver remedy for EPM , listed on his website that is very affordable.

Paddock Paradise – the best way to keep horses and you can do with even just one acre.



emmy dog

Dogs and cats

Rose hip vital (for you and horses too) – joints, pain

Feed Real food, holistic – Dr. Dobias guide



chickens 2


Benefits of feeding fermented food



climate control spraying


Make covers with UV resistant plastic to protect the plants from geoengineering (photo above)

If poss use groundwater, same reason

Mulch/ and cover your beds with cardboard – totally works




update 2023

the vaxx probly was not the best idea lol


The virus

I’m pretty sure that everyone will be exposed to the covid virus because unlike other viruses, it lasts a long time, you can have it without knowing it, and it can recur once you have recovered. How you fare with that will probably depend on your immune system. To have a healthy immune system I believe you need to eat and use only organic produce and products,  avoid medications (ie find holistic alternatives) avoid vaccines, and avoid toxins and emf as much as possible.

See my last post on how to stay healthy, and here is Dr. Mercola’s suggestion for a simple daily practice to ward off the virus

update 2023

well turns out that was useless


It makes sense to wear a mask when going into a crowd. Wearing one all day long on the other hand may be an issue, in terms of oxygen alone.  A plastic face shield might be a better option for all day wear or at least  make sure that whatever mask you wear is loose so you can easily breathe.

It is probably also smart to keep some distance when with others,  but staying confined to your home doesn’t make sense anymore. And you can just forget about a mandatory vaccine, they are famously dangerous for this kind of virus. Also no tracking devices and certificates of health thank you very much.

Listen to Dane Wigginton’s take on this https://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/geoengineering-watch-global-alert-news-june-20-2020-254/



The Source

Bats are not the source of the virus, bats are not to blame, and going vegan will do nothing to close down the evil vile bioresearch labs from whence this atrocity sprang.


Behind the Curtain

The greatest threat to our survival is still climate manipulation. We are now so much closer to venus syndrome.  Here is Dane Wiggington’s post on this.





Get Healthy

From everything I have read so far, the best way to deal with the threat of the virus on a personal level is to be super healthy. A healthy immune system can fight it off. Below I am giving you the short version of many of the things  I have found out and then the links if you want to read in depth. Please add what you have found in the comments section, i know a lot of people are doing research on this.


It started in December in Maryland at a bioweapons lab that uses/tortures bats and other animals to make their evil weapons – hence the bat DNA that showed up in the virus. Four guys from that lab, Ft. Detrick, went to China and stayed in a hotel near the Wuhan market. People at the hotel and the market got sick.


bats virus

The virus is engineered and there may be more than one strain –



Bats  are taking the hit , along with anyone with Chinese heritage



Bats are also in danger from excess heat conditions like in Au, and from overgrowth of fungus in their environments.


Well… no one knows if the release from the lab was accidental or on purpose. If it was on purpose, then why?  well what could come of this? Destroy populations and  economies, or hide the economic crash, or  install marshal law? It doesn’t look good. Maybe it is all to cover them putting up deadly 5 G everywhere which kills everything. And so we are back around the circle.

5 G is NO BUENO https://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2019/05/11/5g-apocalypse.aspx

More from Dane Wiggington on the reasons for the virus /possibly to push vaccines https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZrOXLymc8j8&feature=youtu.be


Strike – We need a general strike around the world , workers, progressive groups and leaders, union members to demand  a complete change in our world. I am posting regularly in my personal facebook page about this, so if you want you can friend me and follow. https://www.facebook.com/MartaWilliamsCA



I am taking a 1/4 tsp of baking soda a day to alkalinize (i read that helps with the virus) and I have some chinese herbs, Clean Air by Plum Flower, that works to clear lungs. Also drinking lemon water.


Here is a great blog by Dr Elliot on how to be stay healthy from flu


and more detail on the virus specifically


Take Vitamin C




Take more vit c – see Dr Elliot above and this https://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2020/03/29/andrew-saul-vitamin-c.aspx

Posture for draining lungs  https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10157207443918224&set=a.47715263223&type=3&theater

This Dr says he has the cure – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yfXVce34A78&fbclid=IwAR2gtAE-s8x7r7kbt2huzEcynV5gwoLiD7s-HrRSZcnF8HWn_URodAKI9ww



I believe that people who are taking medications are more at risk. If possible, find the natural alternatives for any meds you are taking, work with a holistic doctor if you can find one.



AND – eat only organic, take the above recommended vitamins and supplements, don’t eat sugar, and exercise. Here is what Dr Mercola recommends https://blogs.mercola.com/sites/vitalvotes/archive/2020/03/07/your-first-line-of-defense-against-coronavirus-and-other-pathogens.aspx

Make your own infra red sauna –




There are still spaces and there is still time to sign up to take (or retake) the One Week Intensive I am teaching Nov 8 – 12 in Red Bluff California. If you are interested get in touch by email or call me for more information.

Recent Weekend Intensive in Tucson, AZ

Extinction Rebellion

I am happy to see so many people all over the world realizing that we are in an unprecedented crisis. I wish that the only thing we had to do to turn this around would be to stop using fossil fuels. You would be hearing me screaming that from the mountain tops. But that is not going to do the trick.

The very first thing we must do is stop climate manipulation (aka geoengineering). I have been wondering why it is so hard for people to wake up and see climate manipulation. I am beginning to think that it is because it is so hard to understand. So, I thought for this blog I will explain the three main components to geoengineering. Much of it also goes on in secret so most people are not aware of what is happening.

1 Ocean iron fertilization – This is the practice of dumping industrial waste iron particles in the ocean to enhance algae growth with the intention that the algae would use up more CO2. This has backfired and the oceans are becoming overrun with algae, the oxygen is being used up and the waters are heating. This is leading to the canfield ocean phenomenon, but they are still dumping iron in the ocean.

Read more on ocean iron fertilization

haarp in ocean

2 Massive Ionospheric Microwaving – Through the use of solar radiation particulate spraying (more below) and very powerful microwave blasting, climate engineers can control the weather. They can move the jet stream, determine where rain will fall, chemically create snow, manipulate storms and more.  There are over a hundred microwave blasting centers around the world (some are on ships, so they are mobile). This powerful microwave blasting is destroying the ozone layer. Have you noticed how bright the sun is? Have you noticed the damage to the trees and plants?

Read more about microwaving

Read more about ice nucleation

sheep and chemtrails

3 Solar Radiation Management (SRM) – SRM refers to the spraying of nanoparticulates in the atmosphere. These particulates sequester (glom on to) moisture in the air. The weather manipulators then use the microwave blasting to manipulate (direct) these water particulates wherever they want them. This is why California is now so desiccated that the fire storms here are taking out whole cities. Between the lack of moisture and the effect of metal nanopartiulates, particularly aluminum, we are done for.  Just look up, you can see the SRM trails everywhere all over the world.

Find out more about SRM

if you want to get up to speed on all this listen to Dane Wigginton’s weekly podcasts. Sign up for them. Here is his latest one

To stop the runaway extinction of the planet we do need to stop all use of fossil fuels, but we also need to stop:

  • fracking
  • sonic blasting in the oceans
  • nuclear waste discharges (ie fukushima) and do something to neutralize them.
  • GMO use, big ag and pesticides
  • factory farming
  • hunting and fishing
  • add your favorite….

Who are they, why are they doing this, and what can we do about it? See my last blog

Any questions?


Did you know…

could you even conceive, that sharks have two wombs, and that their unborn babies swim from one womb to the other to prepare them for their new life of constant motion? See article 

Did you have any sense that it might be possible that dolphins sing to their babies in the womb?


source: Wikipedia

This is the indescribable poetry and intricacy of nature. I have not written for some time because I don’t know what to say – not just to you but even to myself. We are watching the slow-motion murder of nature all over the planet. This is profoundly upsetting. I am just trying to figure out why this is happening and how to address it.

Let’s just take the Pacific Ocean and the dying whales and porpoises. What could possibly be the reason? You can be sure that scientists will plan to simply study this and speculate, while taking absolutely no action, until all the whales and dolphins are  gone and it is too late. This is what scientists do. OK so for reasons, just pick your poison: Fukushima deadly radiation, the navy’s sonar weapon testing, eating plastic, acidification and warming ocean temperatures killing all the food.

So, the next question:  what is causing the warming???????? The powers that be want us to believe that we are responsible for global warming and all the weird weather because of our use of oil, gas and coal. It is not so. Not that we don’t need to stop doing all that. But there is no way oil, gas and coal use created all that we are going through now. Tampering with the natural weather of our world is the reason.

Manipulating the Climate

Who knows how many tons of iron have been dumped in the ocean to cause algae blooms? Ostensibly this was supposed to create a CO2 sink but instead it is killing off the normal algae process in the ocean leading to an INCREASE in ocean warming and acidification. Who knows how many millions of tons of toxic metal nanoparticulates have been sprayed on the earth and the ocean day in day out for years now as part of the secret manipulation of the ionosphere and jet stream?  Who knows how damaged the ozone layer is now from constant blasting of the ionosphere with massive microwave installations (called HAARP) all over the world?


If we want to save nature, we must start by demanding an end to climate manipulation. But of course, the first step is to get people to see it and admit it. If you already get that weather manipulation is a thing, then please talk to people all the time about it. Here is something to sayL “Did you know that contrails can only occur at 30 thousand feet or higher? Does that spray plane look like it is that high? Or, “Did you know that most modern jet engines are designed to be incapable of leaving contrails?”


Here is a link for info on contrails and here is the best site for getting more information about climate manipulation.

You could also get a bumper sticker and a sign there.

When people finally get it that this weather manipulation is real, I then get asked the following three questions. I will do my best to answer them here.

  1. WHO are the THEY behind all this?

I have been doing a lot of research and thinking about this. Here are my best answers.  As far as I can determine THEY includes everyone working against the best interests of the planet.  This would be:

  • the Banksters
  • the corrupted billionaires, like the Mercers who want all social support programs destroyed in the US, Bill Gates, Bezos, the Koch Brothers, Rupert Murdoch and all the politicians working for them.
  • the rotten corporations like big Pharma, Monsanto and Raytheon
  • also, the people who are either brainwashed to think that these agendas are good or people who have been threatened and are going along with this antiplanet agenda because they fear for their reputations, their lives, or the lives of those they love.

THEY are legion, WE are greater.

  1. The inevitable next question is: WHY are THEY doing this?

Multiple possible reasons:

  • Banksters are betting on weather derivatives (and making trillions)
  • weather is being used as warfare (like against Iraq and against California)
  • the mad scientists doing the weather control (like David Keith) messed up and are now just trying to cover up their fatal blunders which are causing planet death
  • some of these mad scientists  genuinely believe that we must tamper with weather to save our earth
  • There is also the argument that all the planet-threatening activity is a way of depopulating the earth.


  1. And finally, I get asked.: Ok then, if this is real why would they do this if they are doing it to themselves too?

This is the sticky wicket.  While I believe all those behind these actions are insane, I do not believe they are stupid.

They have a plan B: underground bunkers (equipped for long term) Apparently, Musk and Bezos both have private rockets and launchers that could get to Mars or the Moon and I have heard rumblings about life support stations on both planets. In other words, they just up and leave. There could well be technology that could be later be used to clean up the radiation and other toxins. this could just be one big land grab, terraforming project. Who knows?  But I believe THEY have bought themselves a way out using the money they stole from us.  Here is an article about how Musk wants to terraform Mars.


What can we do?

Educate yourself and your friends about climate manipulation. We must stop that first and foremost.

Get political; run for something. We need grassroots people in politics who are working for the earth, the animals and the people. Also support the good guys – groups and people – who are doing this,

Learn how to do energy shifting for the planet   I am holding regular online video groups to do energy healing to shift what is happening. Join my Members Club on my home page (you can just try it for a month), and I will teach you how to do energy shifting for the planet. Then you can go do this with your friends – the more the better.


About those Fires in California…

I like to research and find grassroots sources of information. Here is a good video about the recent fires in California featuring two retired fire captains. (this is part one of a multi part series from them)

Their perspective is completely at variance with what people are being told by the authorities, but after surviving five years of major fire storms, I am convinced they are correct.

Oh, and one more thing… why are all the trees burning…. Because they are dying. Why? Because of all the aluminum being sprayed day in day out on the earth.


Study Intuitive Communication with Animals and Nature

Never a better time in history to connect with the animals and nature and form alliances, seek wisdom, pledge your love. Twice a year I hold a One Week Intensive in Intuitive Communication with Animals and Nature at my farm in Northern California. The next Intensive will be November 8 through 12.  You get credit for any classes you have already taken. And if you have already taken the intensive you can retake it for half price.

The Intensive is a great way to jump start your ability and build confidence. After you finish if you want to keep learning you can join my Master Program at the case study rate of 250$/mo to meet with me twice a month by zoom to review your case studies. In the Master Program you need to do 60 case studies. You will get about 10 from the Intensive.

If you want to get started now you can  join my Master Program or just start taking classes.



Join me at my farm in Northern California this November 9 – 13 for a week long Intensive in Intuitive Communication with Animals and Nature.  This course satisfies the core curriculum requirements for my Master Program. Listen to the video to learn more.

If  you already attended an intensive with me before and would like to retake it,  or if you have already taken all my courses online, you can attend this Intensive for half price. Call or email if you have questions.        Contact Marta

You will get to meet and work with all my animals including my new pony MaryBelle


2018-09-05 09.33.26


Weather Manipulation

This October consider attending the Geoengineering conference this Oct 20th in Redding California. Learn all about what weather manipulation is and meet some of the preeminent activists in this field , including organizer,  Dane Wiggington.


I plan on going, so I  hope to see you there. Here is the link to the event


Join the Animales Members Club

This month for the monthly meeting of the Animales Members Club, the guest speaker will be Nancy Gardner. Nancy will discuss what she has done for her dog Maya who was, according to the vets, supposed to have died from cancer over three years ago.


Nancy is practicing animal communication part time and will talk about her work and what she has done to promote her business. Here is her website.   The Monthly meeting this month is October 9th at 6 pm pacific. In the meeting we will do a reading of one of your animals (selected at random). Tell me if you would like your animal read and send a photo to me by email. At the end of the meeting we will do an energy healing session for the animals and the earth.

To attend the meeting you can join the Animales Members Club. Try it for a month and see if you like it. Go to my home page to sign up.


This is too cute – at least I think so…

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