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Tag Archive 'animal communicator'

New Dog

I finally found a new dog. It took me awhile and didn’t go as I’d envisioned. I tried out two dogs before finding the right one. Don’t worry both of them got good homes. It was my fault. Bear said he wanted a boy dog, about half his size, and I just didn’t listen. The two […]

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What Now???? 2012

One of the reasons I got into anmal communication was becasue of the Hopi Prophecies, or I should say the written interpretation of same. The way I understand it, the Hopi drawings show two roads for our time (which is called the coming of the 5th world);  one is the Hopi road the other the nonHopi […]

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Here is another great story in three parts, sent in by reader, Mark Whitney. This is part one. Prologue I was at the Veterans Administration Hospital having my right calf checked over, before heading back to my second year of college in the fall, when the doctor asked if I had ever ridden a horse […]

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