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and I’m afraid I am going to have to talk about the oil catastrophe, again… but I will start with something funny. I needed something to lift my mood as I have been extraordinarily depressed about the Gulf.  So I went searching for YouTubes and found this one. This guy is a trainer and if […]

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Why Is It….

I asked myself….. that more people aren’t calling and emailing about the spill? Why aren’t people in the streets about this? I think there are a few possible reasons: – the spill is perceived as a local, albeit large, disaster that wont touch you if you are not in Alabama, Florida, Georgia or Louisiana (this […]

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 British Petroleum is covering up the extent of the spill and doing nothing useful to stop it or contain it or clean it up. The government and most major media are in lock step with these criminals. The hideous truth is that there may be over a million gallons spewing out per day. Researchers from some […]

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