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When I  talk with people about the world we end up concluding that it is so overwhelmingly fubar that conventional solutions won’t make a dent in turning things around.  We will need new and weird tactics like this invention for cleaning up plastic in the ocean. http://www.stumbleupon.com/su/2e6IZP/inhabitat.com/19-year-old-student-develops-ocean-cleanup-array-that-could-remove-7250000-tons-of-plastic-from-the-worlds-oceans/ Many such cool ideas pop up every day, […]

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I got some chickens….

And I thought they would be so fun to have and easy to take care of. I had no idea. First I couldn’t get them to eat. Then they wouldn’t come off the nests, not to drink, eat, nothing. I’d take one off the nest and her legs would be so numb she couldn’t stand. Then I […]

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