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Tag Archive 'Cloud Foundation'

I just did a trial workshop with a natural horse trainer, Maggie Metzker, where we combined our various skills and our heightened intuitive abilities to help horses and riders have breakthroughs in their relationships and in their groundwork, riding interactions and abilities. It was simply amazing how it worked. With the insights we helped them […]

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Gnarly Situations

In  response to my last blog about counseling animals a reader sent in asking for advice in regard to a gnarly situation she just encountered. I will give my best advice via the blog and you can send in comments and ideas for her too. The overall issues here are that working with animals and helping […]

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Wild Horses

Right in the middle of the big rains in California last month, I flew down to San Diego to go study with horse trainer, Carolyn Resnick, for a few days. Despite the weather, I had a fantastic time. I am more convinced than ever that Carolyn’s method of training is revolutionary in the horse world.  […]

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