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Wild Horses

Right in the middle of the big rains in California last month, I flew down to San Diego to go study with horse trainer, Carolyn Resnick, for a few days. Despite the weather, I had a fantastic time. I am more convinced than ever that Carolyn’s method of training is revolutionary in the horse world.  […]

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About the Goat

Here are Dianne’s responses to what people got from Giacomo: I was looking for “likes his ears rubbed” but this is true…he gets an itchy spot between his horns, and I’ve seen him scratching it himself using a blackberry bramble, and the handle of my manure fork, and I’ve scratched him there, too.  Giacomo wasn’t […]

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What the bleep…..

DO WE DO NOW? Given the incredibly messed up state of the world, what can/should we be doing ? Well, we probably shouldn’t be assuming that by being PC in what we eat, use, drive and etc. we are making a huge dent and doing all that is possible or necessary. Read Derrick Jensen’s recent article in Orion […]

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What Now???? 2012

One of the reasons I got into anmal communication was becasue of the Hopi Prophecies, or I should say the written interpretation of same. The way I understand it, the Hopi drawings show two roads for our time (which is called the coming of the 5th world);  one is the Hopi road the other the nonHopi […]

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Here is another great story in three parts, sent in by reader, Mark Whitney. This is part one. Prologue I was at the Veterans Administration Hospital having my right calf checked over, before heading back to my second year of college in the fall, when the doctor asked if I had ever ridden a horse […]

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