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Do you have one (or more!) animal who is jealous of another? Always jockeying for first in line for the pats and treats? You can use your intuitive skills to address and extinguish that behavior.  First have a talk with the jealous animal, you can do this out loud or through sending thoughts. I find talking out […]

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Want more practice? Sign up for the virtual practice groups I will be offering each month. You need to have had a beginner class from me or someone to participate. If you have not had that we can do a half hour tutoring session by phone or skype to get you up to speed. This […]

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Your Questions

A reader, Dianne, sent in this question: You asked for topic suggestions, and I have one.  It’s been my experience as someone who can communicate with animals, that animals seem unusually drawn to me.  I’d be interested to learn if that happens to other animal communicators, and what their experiences have been with animals “recognizing” […]

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About Norman

OK so here is the scoop on Norman. Check what you got from him against these known facts. If you got something that isn’t mentioned here, it may be something true that I just can’t verify. If you got something correct check it on your paper so you have a record of your hits. Put […]

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