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Tag Archive 'talking with animals in spirit'

What and Why?

Those are two of the most useful questions a communicator can ask. If you are working with an animal that has a peculiar or unwanted behavior ask the animal, repeatedly, why he or she is behaving in that manner. Find yourself saying, ” OK, why else are you doing this… and why else… and why else.” […]

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Sensing an Animal in Spirit

Do our animals visit us in spirit after they die? No one can say for sure; we will only really know about life after death once we experience it for ourselves. However, in each of my three books, I included my own experiences and those of my readers and clients that suggest that animals do […]

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Here’s a Tip – Look Up!

Here’s a tip on how to better recieve information intuitively. I got it from an old book by Pete Sanders Jr. titled, You Are Psychic. The premise behind the technique is that when we sleep, our eyes will roll upward. This involuntary action is a function of going into the theta and then delta brain wave states. These […]

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